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Grow Taller 4 Idiots.com?

I ran across this website a few days ago and was wondering if anyone knows anything about this. from what i understand this program just gives ways to “appear taller.” says it garauntees to add 2 - 3 inches to anyone, and some users gained as much as 4-5 inches. sounds like a hunk of crap to me.

Lol, “appear taller”?

I once read in Maxim that if you wear your pants higher, you appear taller.

And I’m giving this advice for free!

The height stuff found online pretty much consists of:

-bodybuilding supplements marketed as height boosters
-different kinds of stretching/hanging programs (there is some anecdotal evidence of this working. However,I imagine engaging in a rigorous contortion program over the mere possibility of gaining some height would not be cost effective. You could go on a forum like this http://contortionistsunite.ning.com/forum and ask if any people have experienced height gain from bending)
-the more obscure type; wearing of ankle weights or raised seat cycling. Apparently no convincing evidence has surfaced of the safety or effectiveness of this.
-special shoes
-hairstyle and clothing tips

You can get surgery to become taller. They break your legs in several locations and you wait until they heal… and somehow, you get taller!

DIY anyone?

Guess I’ll have to stay 5’8.
Where my Herman Munster boots?

The main thing is the last part of the site’s name.

I’ve actually LOST a half inch in height in the past year. Heavy low-rep work did it.

Maybe I can look taller if I spike up my hair.