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Grow! & Surge Winners ! ! !

Okay, T-Peeps, having stocked up in anticipation of all the hurricanes that were supposed to hit Tampa, I have one tub of Low-Carb Chocolate Grow! and one tub of Surge that I will send to the person who makes the most creative pitch on why they need Grow! or Surge. Make your pitch for only ONE of the items, as each is going to be sent to TWO different people. Winners will be selected Friday.

Rules: Only one post or submission per member. Your pitch must be for only one of the two products.

Let’s have a little fun, and may the best T-Peep win! ! ! (grin)

(Hopefully this will tide the lucky winners over until Surge & Grow! are back in stock.)

So I can get a date (What can I say? The chicks dig Low-Carb Grow!)

Surge: Drink half a serving during a workout to give the energy boost necessary to dodge when people at the gym drop weights on your toes.

**Yes, this happened to me last week. A twenty-five pound plate colided with my foot. Copious amounts of cursing and hopping around like a deranged rabbit ensued. Beat-down did not ensue, as the culprit was one of the few T-vixens at my gym.

Why I need Grow! :

1)is because Im 6’6, 200 lb busy trainer who struggles putting on weight and need a quick high quality meal replacement to have in between clients.

  1. I have never tried Grow!, I guess I didnt beleive all the hype thats it really that great for the price of only 2 lbs, so send me some and prove me wrong!

I can literally feel the estrogen bombardment every time I walk into GNC for some protein. Low-Carb Grow! is desperately needed or else my T levels shall sink to an unthinkable Dr. Phil-like low.

(Not trying to suck up in any way, but Tampa this really is a generous gesture! Way to be a true T-Man! Congrats to the lucky winner of each)

believe it or not, but i was so desperate i went to GNC and got their closest substitute for Surge!..a new product called “Distance”

why does everything from GNC have to taste like shit!

thats torture enough to have deserve it isnt it?

Okay, I read the T-Jack reviews on Surge and say to myself “Okay, I’m going to try Surge once and for all”. But now it’s out of stock and I’m going to dwindle in gains from a lack of real post work-out nutrition! I can feel myself melting…melting…melting away :slight_smile:

Why do I need Surge?

  1. If I exercise before work or during my lunch break, Surge allows me to take as many (if not more) bathroom breaks as some of my co-worker’s cancer stick breaks. 2 litres in results in 4 to 6 litres out for me.

  2. If I exercise before going to sleep, Surge allows me to check on my little monster to see if she kicked off her blanket or not every 90 minutes after a trip to the bathroom.

I have never tried either of the two products, unfortunately can’t afford to spend a lot of money because I am a student. I would love to try Surge though, I’ve seen a lot of T-men using it so I would like to try it out :slight_smile:

Because a team in your state broke my heart last season. (Cubs/Marlins) I still haven’t recovered and don’t think I ever will. Plus, when playing basketball, we traveled down (from Illinois) to your state and got swept by a team from West Palm Beach and Miami Dade. (spelling) My coach and I, (who I love and respect-just one of those heat of the battle things) got into a HUGE fight at 1/2 time. And the weather was cloudy/rainy the entire time!!! And I’m sick of seein’ the former Dolphins do their undefeated toast every year when the '85 Bears should have been undefeated as well. So please help me change my opinion of the people of Florida. Pleeeeasaassseee!

Plus, I only have 5 servings of Surge left and don’t want to wilt back down to 105 lbs. Which was my weight in the pre-Surge days…ok, that part is made up).


Why do I deserve the Low-Carb Grow!?

Because I’m a poor college student who is rapidly running out of funds. My dwindling stash of Grow! is the only thing keeping me on my feet since I don’t have enough cash to buy groceries. Once that tub of Grow! is gone, I will be forced to eat the cardiovascular-clogging college cafeteria food. The sheer volume of grease in that garbage they call food will surely turn me into the equivalent of a pre-subway diet Jerad.

I need more Low-Carb Grow! to improve my form while I do curls in the power rack.

I am the one thing worse than a poor college student, a poor recent college grad living at his parents house! A free tub of Grow! would turn this misery around :slight_smile: lol

I wont try for these as I am one of the lucky folks who placed their order just prior to the shortage. So there are many worse off than me. I just wanted to stop in and say. GREAT work TT. This is awesome.


I’ll send you a picture of my Butt.

Not a reason, but motivation.

I’ve formed a special relationship with Low-Carb Grow! You see, it was a dark and stormy evening when we first met. I was sadly brooding in my abode, staring longingly out of the rain streaked window. Why, oh why, can’t I find a delicious and high quality protein powder that will treat me well? All of the others teased me. The clumpiness, the cost, the poor quality ingredients. The taste as bitter as my melancholy life has become.

I was thinking of opening that window and plunging headlong into peaceful eternity when a truck pulled up in my driveway. I rushed downstairs and received the box with hesitant optimism. Could it be the Grow!? I didn’t let my hopes rise, however. I couldn’t relive the letdown and disappointments of the past. I carefully opened the box, removed the contents, and gazed upon the beautiful blue and yellow labeling capped with a lovely black top. Nice I thought. But the others also superficially enticed my senses, only to betray me with their lack of substance. I opened the tub and was greeted by the wafting odor of chocolate decadence. My hopes rising I quickly retrieved my shaker, added 3 scoops of Grow! and cold water from my loyal filtered pitcher. Anticipation escalated with each shake of my arm. I opened the shaker to see a beautifully blended, even frothy, liquid mixture. My hands trembling, I raised it to my lips. With a swish of the tongue and a velvety swallow I tasted protein nirvana. Could this be true? Wait, here comes the bitter aftertaste. But it didn’t arrive. I took swig after swig until the shaker was emptied. I collapsed on the couch in delirious ecstasy, still not believing that I had finally found it after all of these years. That relationship that everyone seeks but no one finds. The perfect protein. We’ve enjoyed a beautiful relationship. But then I find out that it’s out of stock! I rush to my tub only to gasp in horror at the frighteningly low reserves. But then I find that Tampa-Terry is offering a tub! That siren of knowledge from the sunshine state! Please, oh please, don’t make me part from my beloved! I need the Low-Carb Chocolate Grow! like the deserts need the rain! Like plants need sunlight! Like Beavis needs Butt-head!

Clap-Clap-Clap-Clap for browser! LOL! That was great!

Without my Surge, I don’t even have the stamina to make it through my ABBH workouts, let alone keep track of them on my ABBH Tampa Terry Template. That and to stop my recurring nightmares of drinking those terrible American Bodybuilding products that I used prior to being introduced to Surge and the other BioTest products.
Rock on Terry! and good luck to all the contestants.


I need the Low-Carb Grow! because if I have to drink the other companies crap anymore I will end up puking all over my keyboard. Then I won’t be able to log on the T-nation and buy other products or Grow! when it gets back in stock. Please save my keyboard and my body and give me your extra container of powdered bliss!

I need Surge because I helped you edit all those templates for CW’s programs. J/K! :wink:

I need Surge because I’m down to one last container, and I can’t train without it! I’m in the middle of a mass and strength cycle, and once the Surge is gone, my gains will be limited.

Do you want to be the reason my gains are limited? Or the reason I don’t recover from one workout to the next? Don’t you know how hard CW’s programs are and how crucial Surge is to my success? Do you know how bad this little dog wants to be big?


Good luck with the giveaway, Terry!

p.s. You got my email with the updated templates, right?