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Grow Proteins

What do chocolate and vanilla Low Carb Grow taste like? What do you Classic Vanilla and Chocolate Grow taste like?

You have got to be kidding me.

Well, the chocolate tastes like chocolate, and the vanilla tastes like vanilla.

Simple as that. But I’ll admit, it’s one of the best tasting vanilla and chocolate protein powders I’ve had yet.

One tastes like chocolate, the other kind of has a vanilla flavor.

…but don’t forget the coconut-y aroma.

Thanks guys! What I was trying to explain was this: What comparison could give that explains the taste?

Example: Chocolate low carb and classic grow taste like chocolate milk?


Vanilla low carb and classic grow taste like vanilla ice cream?

the chocolate tastes kind of like a ham and cheese sandwich, while the vanilla has more a clam chowder taste.

Taste is way too subjective a topic. Ten people would provide ten different answers, but I will say this: Grow choc is the only choc I can drink. All the others are dark and harsh, like they’re using too much flavoring to cover up something bad tasting. Grow isn’t like that. It very flavorful but not harsh. The bottle says ‘milk chocolate’ so maybe that’s the difference between it and, say, dutch or dark chocolate.

Anyway, both vanilla and choc rock. Can’t go wrong.

They taste great. I only use the LC Grow, so I can’t speak for the Classic.

I can’t help but think at 23 dollars a tub, you’re not taking a huge risk in trying the product.

One of my buddies at work just ordered one tub of the chocolate LC grow (to try it). Shipping was fast and he loves it.

lol…very good JFred…

Just try them, they’re good.

Buy it and try it!

The chocolate Low-Carb Grow is not very chocolatey. Very mild chocolate flavor. I bought some by mistake, but really like it blended with frozen mixed berries for a P+C “meal.”

The Low-Carb versions are thinner than the Classic when mixed according to directions. If you blend the Classic for a couple minutes, it gets fluffy like a milkshake and has a great, creamy texture.

They all are smooth as silk, compared to some others I won’t mention which are gritty in comparison. I would prefer that Grow be less sweet, but that’s just me. All versions of Grow taste better than anything else I’ve tried. I mean nothing else even comes close.

If anyone thinks that a vanilla protein drink tastes like vanilla ice cream, all I can say is they’re not eating the right kind of ice cream. There is no substitute for full-fat premium ice cream!

The LC chocolate Grow tastes like chocolate milk to me (even though I mix with water). It’s got about the same texture as well.

Let’s see. Chocolate tastes a lot like Chocolate. Vanilla tastes a lot like Vanilla. I am amazed at how they do that. Where o where do they come up with this stuff?

I just got another order of chocolate and lemme tell ya,its by far the best tasting I’ve had,the only thing that comes close is Cytosport Muscle Milk and it doesn’t seem to quite as good quality as Grow,plus 2 scoops have 18g of fat which if your trying to get alot of protein and watch your fat is kind of a pain in the ass.

Biotest makes the best tasting protein on the market!

Suffie it to say that Grow tastes great! Not just great for a protein drink, but great tasting period! And at the current prices it is just crazy to purchase anything else.

Very sophisticated taste, the Vanilla is a bit oaky and the chocolate has a wonderfull more subtle flavor :slight_smile: