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GROW! Proteins

Just got my mag10 delivered, in it was the usual advertisements for the biotest supps. It shows Classic Grow!, Low-carb Grow!, and also the Grow! bars. Flavors include Blueberry, Chocolate, Lemon, Peanut Butter. It also shows a website, growproteins.com, that must be going to sell them as well as the biotest site.

When is this stuff coming out?

I forgot to say too that the bottles of Classic Grow! and Low-carb Grow! showed 3lb containers instead of the 2lb ones that I’ve gotten before. As for when they are coming out, the bars should be coming out within a few weeks I think, and I’d assume if they have the ads done and are sending them out, they should announce it soon. Maybe this week’s issue will say more.

Can’t wait! Hurry Biotest!