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Grow! Protein Differences?


Hey i was wondering what the difference between Classic Grow! MRP and Low-Carb Grow! MRP is I'd really like to know........ty


I asked a similar question when they re-did Low-Carb Grow! to add Micellar Casein (sp?), apparently Classic Grow! was not reformulated to have the Micellar Casein. I may be wrong, correct me if I am, but I believe that is the difference. I am still waiting until I'm out of my current protein powders so that I can order some Low-Carb Grow!, looking forward to trying it.



well imma go ont he velocity diet pretty soon so im just wondering which is better and if one is specifically intended for something that the other isn't :open_mouth:


Wow. This one has me a more than little baffled. Not to be a total smartass, but have you even read the Classic and Low-Carb Grow! labels? They do contain different protein blends (Low-Carb Grow! having micellar casein) but beyond that... well... Low-Carb Grow! is low in carbs (shocking I know).

I'm kind of wondering if you've read the Velocity Diet articles by Shugart all that carefully because:
1) It's a low carb diet (and Classic Grow! is higher in carbs than Low-Carb); and
2) Chris explains why he thinks Low-Carb Grow! is such a great fit for the diet.

Seriously, I'm wondering if you should be trying such a challenging diet if you are asking these kinds of questions. What are your stats now? What is your current diet like?



Click, on the product links and read about them.


You should hurry, as Grow! is far superior to just about any other protein on the market.


HEY KUZ .... i did read the article and i just didnt pick up every said in it. I will give everyone my stats as i go on this Velocity diet. Also i dont know what stats you want... im pretty sure your asking about my height weight fat percentage correct? If so i will release that highly top secret info once i get approvel from president Bush in the near future.


Kuz if u have anything to ask me or to say to me invite me to a chat so it will be easier to talk ; )