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Grow Protein Bars

When are the Grow protein bars going to be out?

About 8 weeks.

yeehah! what flavors? kevo

The first two flavors will be peanut butter and lemon. Two more flavors will be added later.

Any rough guess on pricing? Will it be competitive with other bars?

Check out the new issue of FLEX, it’s got an advertisment for the new bars: Peanut Butter, Lemon, Blueberry, and I think Chocolate.

Just want to give kudos to the T-Mag staff for NOT coming out with Chocolate and vanilla first. What with the big two every day, other flavors are going to be SUCH a relief! Once again, T-Mag and Biotest get it right…

I don’t know about pricing yet. Like any quality protein product, I don’t expect them to be dirt cheap. But at least you won’t be paying for horse hooves and hidden carbs. (See current Reader Mail for info on how most bars are made and labeled.)

you mean horse hooves aren’t good for you? :wink: I almost never eat protein bars because of the crap thats in them, so I’d be more than happy to pay a little more… I’m also really glad it’s not just chocolate and vanilla, I can’t wait for those bars…