Grow!-Pro Cinna Toast

OK, you all. I had to share this bad boy I just conjured up. I am a cinnamon fanatic and just found a slice, well make that 2 slices of heaven.

Cinnamon toast with a nice dose of protein.

First, 2 slices bread. I use sprouted bread that looks to be fashioned from wood chips (damn good though) but what ever bread you fancy I guess. The bread is not my discovery. Toast it of course, I prefer mine pretty dark.

Now the fun. 1 scoop vanilla Low Carb Grow!, a healty amount of cinnamon (I use a LOT, but I love cinnamon so experiment for your taste), and a dash of salt. ( I guess you could add a pack or two of splenda if you have a real sweet tooth but I suggest trying it without first it was plenty sweet)

Now take the Grow!, cinnamon and dash of salt and put it in a bowl. Add a bit of water and mix. Stir this up and make it into a paste (peanut buttter consistancy) Thats it. Now simply spread this on whatever bread you fancy and ENJOY. Guilt free, protein packed, cinnamon spread on toast. Or you could dip apple in it. What ever.

I have yet to try this, but, I imagine this could also work to make various jelly type spreads by adding berries and fruits, or even crushed nuts. Ah.
More experiments.

Just thought some of you might enjoy this one.


Phill you are always the thinker. This sounds awsome. I will be trying it out soon.

LOL, Thanks, just in a constant search of diet and training to keep it fresh. Gotta keep it interesting.

Let us know what you think and of any experimental little twist you find.

Hope you like it.

Oh and for an added bonus on the cinna Grow! spread, you might try and add a single drop or two of imitation butter extract. WOW!!! I did this and holy moly. I didnt think I could improve on the original I posted, but it did.