Grow! preparation

For all you Grow! users out there, does it mix well with a spoon or do you need a blender? I know some milk proteins don’t mix well without one.

Grow is magic. It mixes with almost anything by almost any method possible. How Biotest got a casein based protein to do this, I will never know.

By the way, mixing protein with a spoon is generally a poor choice. I prefer using a fork or even better, a shaker cup.

Invest in a wand blender, they are great for shakes, as you can blend it right in the cup that you use to drink out of, or carry around with you. They are also easy to clean, just stick it in soapy water and run it, then rinse it. They are also pretty inexpensive. It is a must for every T-man or vixen.

Thanks for the feedback guys; I guess I’ll try some. I keep hearing about how good it tastes.

personally if I were you I wouldn’t order any grow ever, once you taste it all other protein will taste like crap. Biotest doesn’t sell any stand alone whey protein (guess that what Surge is for tho… postworkout nutrition) so if you go out and buy standalone whey at some store it will taste like crap. Your choice… taste heaven for brief periods and be condemned to hell or live out your life in purgatory of protein tastes…

like Freebie said,if u buy Grow!,you’ll think everything else is first mrp was groW! classic…now all other mrps are SHIT,because i think a lot about grow!