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Grow!, Power Drive, & Creatine


OK, gang. So I've got before me a tub of Grow!, a tub of Power Drive, and a can of micronized creatine.

I go to the gym 4 - 5 times a week. My goals are the same as everyone else; gain some size and GPP. The thing of it is, I have rugby practice 3 - 4 times a week, and try to avoid creatine on those days: I find it makes cardio, especially prolonged, intense cardio, much more difficult than it has to be.

So what's the best plan? Creatine every morning except when I have practice? Power Drive before workouts, practice? Protein for breakfast and post-workout? Or maybe a different combination - lay it on me.


Just use the creatine postworkout on your weight lifting days. As you said Power Drive before either type of workout and the Grow! however you want to supplement your protein intake.



Why would creatine make it harder, I have only heard good things from creatine, added 20 pounds to my bench literly over night. I guess it could be from carrying the extra water weight???


I don't know why the creatine makes it more difficult; I reckon that water weight might have something to do with it. Just fatigue strikes earlier, and I tend to sweat like a beast.


personally, Power Drive doesn't do much for me pre workout, but I feel that it does aid my CNS recovery, so after high intensity days i'll take it in the morning, so depends on what you get out of Power Drive.

creatine, I'd say put it in post workout, i don't see how it could make the fatigue onset faster because you wouldn't gain that significant amount of weight from one serving, but i'm no expert, do what works for you.

Grow!, depends if you're trying to put lots of mass on, personally I am, so i try putting it in just about anything.

hope that helps.


Ya, one dose wuldnt add much, just consume after workout, Power Drive's for me somewhat, I did 10 more pounds on DB bench and 20 more pounds on my LP