GROW Powder Taste

rEAL QUICK…how does the lo carb Grow taste? Any special flavor better than the other? Does it taste better or worse than regular Grow (Reugular Grow is awesome that is why I ask)

Chocolate low carb grow and a little water = Chocolate Pudding MMMMMM GOOOOOD!!!

tastes the same. i only have tasted the vanilla. its awesome, everyone loves my breath after i drink it. can’t say the same for other stuff. The Biotest shakes are the best tasting ever. laters pk

I think the low carb Grow taste better believe it or not. Chocolate is the goods! However, vanilla is better when concocting shakes and mixed in oatmeal.

Low carb Grow is excellent. It’s slightly thinner than Classic Grow but the taste is the same.

I’ve not tried Classic Grow, but can vouch for LC Grow being the best damn tasting MRP that I’ve run across. I’m not big into chocolate but my kid prefers a chocolate Grow shake to Nestle Quik. For shakes, I like a scoop of vanilla and a scoop of chocolate barely blended in 16oz of ice water - tastes like a rich, healthy Frostee. With the vanilla, I like to put a scoop of it in a cup of nonfat cottage cheese and a half cup of fruit - tastes like cheesecake with fruit topping.

I actually prefer the taste of LC Grow! over regular Grow!. Someone else on the board said that when he mixes up his Grow!, his coworkers ask him if he’s baking cookies. My family, however, has a negative reaction to the smell. It’s individual.

I’ve used LC Grow and it’s great. People get a whiff of it and think I’m drinking some chocolate of vanilla shake. When I bust their bubble and explain that it’s a “protein” shake they don’t believe it.

My wife prefers the “smell” of Surge but the taste of Grow…

Croooz, that’s interesting… did she like the taste of Surge straight off? The reason I ask is that the first time I tried Surge, I didn’t like it. But after the second or third time, I found that I really enjoyed the flavor. Weird, huh?