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Grow! Packets

I’ve received a lot of messages about the new Grow! packets. About half of the messages have been positive. These folks like the convenience of the packets. Makes it easy to pack Grow! to school, work, and on trips. I had a sandwich bag full of Grow! pop open in my suitcase once . Man, I was wishing for packets then!

Others would rather have the bottles, citing the fact that they can customize servings easier. I understand that. My suggestion is to save one of your scoops from the bottles and use that to meter out what you need from the packets.

Couple of things I’d like to clear up. As I understand it, the cost would have went up a little anyway because Biotest’s cost for the higher quality ingredients has gone up. Also, you’ll get 20 servings in the packets instead of 18 like in the bottles. The serving sizes will be the same as in the bottles. If you have any feedback for Tim you can send it to fb@t-mag.com.

Chris, I understand the reasoning. But here is my suggestion. Offer a “lite” version of Grow in packets. And make this version equivalent to two scoops of Grow rather than the new three-scoop version.

I think this would be the best thing and would eliminate any negative comments (mine included). Because I’m one who likes to use one, two and sometimes three scoops per serving.

And I’m sure many others would like a two-scoop packet as well.

How hard is it to empty all 20 packets into either an old Grow! bottle or protein bottle and then scoop out the desired number of servings? Customizing the amount to fit your needs does not involve quantum physics. This may involve a second grader’s intellect and 60 seconds worth of effort for crying out loud.

I understand the need to hold retailers’ hands, hell I worked at GNC for a while and experienced the ignorance of my boss and customers, by packaging Grow! in the more familiar box/packets. However, I don’t see why Biotest can’t offer both the box/packets and the bottles of Grow!. They obviously had to change the production line to accomidate the new packaging, so, why not just add the new equipment. That way they could still save the money that packaging Grow! in the bottles affords, and also increase sells in retail stores by packaging Grow! in the box/packets. Trust me I am not complaining about the increase in cost. I’m glad that Biotest continues to use high quality proteins in Grow!, and I don’t want that to change. I just think that, “the retailers did not know where to put Grow!” is a weak reason for the new packaging. I just can’t understand how offering the bottled Grow! as an option was not considered.

I agree with Nate Dogg when it comes to the convenience of using 1,2 or 3 scoops. But BMJ makes a good point to just dump the packets in the empty Grow container(I’m in college and I didn’t think of that). I prefer the container but either way Grow’s still Grow and no other meal replacement comes close.

But BMJ, 60 seconds of effort will amount to gross overtraining! The body has a limited recovery ability, and the amount of energy required to dump the packets into the bottle will prevent muscle hypertrophy. I always ask myself, WWARD?-- What Would Ayn Rand Do? The answer, in the aformentioned scenario, of course, is that she would sue the bodybuilding orthodoxy for allowing Arnold, who was far from physique actualization in 1980, to be crowned Mr. Olympia. So, the problem, rooted in multiple sets and marathon 30 minute training sessions has been seriously plaguing our society and our fascination with multiple scoop servings! There are such things known as objective truths! Objective reality is defined as indisputable facts. These include: Science, the laws of nature, one set to failure, the fact that I haven’t shaved my moustache since 1978, and that the Earth is flat! If only there were more rational individuals, such as myself, in this world, green Nazis would fly to cuckatoo!!

I just put a few servings into an empty Power Drive container,or double bag it in ziplock plastic bags,for single servings you can put 1,2,or 3 scoops into a tupperware bottle.

Chris,sorry for not being with it, I didnt realize you had already gone to the packets.

Thanks for these comments! I do prefer the tub and scoop method, not only for the ease, but simply to make the packaging more convenient (less expense for extra materials and printing, plus easy to recycle). I appreciate you clearing this up for us, and I’ll take the suggestion of using the packets to fill a Grow tub.

What a shame. The convience of being able to regulate calories by the scoop was a big attraction for me in using Grow. When dieting, I would mix a scoop or two of Grow with a pure protein powder.

Why not offer the option as an on-line promotion?

This ain’t rocket science. Use 1/3 of a packet or save your scoop if prefer to use less than a full serving at a time! Jeez!

I’ve tried GROW & yes I really liked it—BUT, the reason I don’t use it is because it’s NOT in packets. Yes I’ve put it in sandwich bags,& yes it broke open. I’m very active & carry them with me ALL the time just in case I can’t get solid food. I vote for packets!!!

You had to do it for retailers and I understand but to tell you the truth I wish you would go to single serving bottles at least as a choice. I love your product but to be honest the 3 servings of protein powder I have away from home are pro blend 55 in the single serving bottle. I just grab a couple of bottles and every 3 hours I just find a source of water shake it drink it and throw out the bottle. I don’t have to clean my shaker cup and then of course the shaker cup never gets dry so mixing the next serving is a little annoying because I have to keep putting water in and getting that little bit off that didn’t mix properly. Anyway your products are amazing and I use at least 2 servings a day of GROW. All I am trying to say is if it was my company I would offer all 3 options the packets the big container and the single serving bottles. WAIT this is the most important part. I used to own a gym in New Jersey and because the town I was in were real hard asses about making blender drinks(you had to get a whole kitchen set up just to make shakes) I only sold the bottles drinks for post workouts. The single serving bottles would sell so well in the gyms. I know at least 5 gym owners right now who would carry it all the time. Anyway keep up the good work and everybody give your opinions about this and all topics.

Like I said, for convenience purposes and to satisfy more customers, make two different serving sizes. The regular three-scoop and a two-scoop pack.

Then everyone will be able to taylor the use of Grow to their needs and not have to do anything but bring the packet along.

No, it’s not a big deal to buy the packs and rip them open and put them in one of my old containers, but if you’re going to serve it in a packet, then make it more user friendly. Many other MRP’s (Myoplex, Myoplex lite) offer different versions based on who is using it.

I’m glad to get the packets. I wrote a letter to Biotest a while back requesting them. $1.83 a serving is still pretty cheap for quality BB food. Packaging? Who cares! I want stawberry flavor!!! That’s the important issue!!! :slight_smile:

Hmmmmm strawberries. Is there a strawberry flavoured Grow! coming out? When, when, WHEN? Show me the Grow!!!

I have a suggestion. If the retail outlets are really that stuck on boxes for MRP’s, why don’t you just put some sort of resealable liner in the regular size MRP box with a scooper. That way the retailers get their “normal” looking MRP box and we can still have our choice of serving sizes. You wouldn’t have to manufacture two different boxes with seperate serving sizes and, for those who need to take a single serving or two on the go just stick a scoop or two in a container with a lid. Better yet, just put your serving in a shaker bottle, add the liquid, and you are ready to go.

I like the idea of another flavor or two also.

try my new HMB+ and myoplex super deluxe

I thought that Biotest decided against packets when they first formulated Grow. Now they’re going to packs because they average numbskull who goes to GNC (or works there) can’t figured out that Grow is an MRP. So what! How about just educating the retailers and distributors. If it’s really that much of a problem why not have both packs and bottles. That way both groups are satisfied. The first group being longtime, loyal Biotest customer who purchased all the Biotest products before they were ever sold retail. The second group being the average GNC customer.

i agree with chris. it would be nice to have both bottles and packets. that way you can please everyone.