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Grow! or Metabolic Drive


My question is why use Metabolic Drive over Grow!? The supplement facts state that Grow! has more protein and less carbs and is cheaper per scoop.

Grow! (1 scoop) cals: 120 protein: 22g carb: 2g fat: 2g

Metabolic Drive(1 scoop) cals: 100 prot: 20g carb: 4g fat: 1.5g

Thanks in advance.


Grow! High quality whey protein only. Metabolic Drive blend of high quality micellar casein and whey protein. The blend is really the best IMO as you are getting both faster and slower digesting proteins and you get more choice in flavors. The Grow! is great especially for those on a tighter budget, but Metabolic Drive is superior due to the blend.



Thanks for the info. I guess I'll just use what I purchased of Grow! and order Metabolic Drive next time.