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Grow! or Metabolic Drive?


Just wanted some input on which would be better for me to use. I have used grow before and loved it, I was planning on buying more but not sure if Metabolic Drive would be a better choice for me. I am trying to put on weight and have never had a problem with body fat being on the high end, (I have always been the skinny guy) That said just wanted some opinions on the subject.

Thanks, Grap


Grow! is a great way to add protein to your diet (it's our whey-only product), but if your main goal is to put on weight, you might consider Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth Formula. It contains plenty of protein (both whey and micellar casein) in addition to the high quality carbs you'll need to reach your muscle growth goals.

Here's where you can find product info on Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth Formula:

Here's where you can find product info for Grow!: