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Grow MRP & Milk

Hey all,

Looking to buy a MRP. I have a question: does Grow! mix with milk? I know it tastes great and works well in water (Ive used LC grow), but I’m on a budget (in college) and figured if I used milk, I could get 27 servings out of a bottle rather than 18.

Would the milk mess up the insulin response?


Also, what do you think of myoplex?


It does take a bit more work to mix Grow! with milk, but it will mix. A blender isn’t a bad idea, but a shaker cup will get the job done also. A spoon probably won’t get it done.

That being said, chocolate Grow! in milk tastes better than real chocolate milk.

Hi, Mike. I tend to avoid milk because it has a type of sugar in it that preferentially refills liver glycogen. And if liver glycogen is full, that sugar is converted to fat and stored.

Go ahead with the milk if you need to put on weight and you’re not worried about adding BF. Other than that, use water and maybe some Splenda.

Sorry, I have no experience with Myoplex and can’t comment.

It does mix with milk. But when you buy the Classic Grow and not the LC Grow you actually get more servings. The classic comes in 3lb tubs and LC in 2lb tubs. So you’ve just stretched your servings without milk.

Yeah, I saw that regular has 18 servings (3 scoops). I was looking at using 2 sscoops (making the servings increase to 27) to save some money.

At 18 servings, it’s about 1.67 per serving. With 27 and milk, it’s about 1.11

I can get myoplex for about 1.25/per

Which option would you guys recommend

Hey, meat, just in case you hadn’t noticed, T-Mag is owned by Biotest, the makers of Grow. So I’m guessing your not going to get ringing endorsements for Myoplex, which is made by EAS, former home of TC, who has nothing but warm fuzzies from his experience with the company. (I’m being sarcastic). All that aside, go with the Grow.

Haha yeah, I’ve been reading t-mag for about a year but just started posting …

One more thing, meat. If cash is really a problem, and there’s just no way you can afford Grow, just get on the web and research the cost of other MRP’s. None of them will kill you, and will probably help you reach your goals.