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Grow & milk?


I know the direction say mix with cold water but can I mix it with milk? I understand the extra calories and fat but had concerns about maybe a reaction that would take plaus with the milk to make it less effective? Most I have used say mix with water or your favorite drink but not GROW. I just took it as beinf specific.


It will not explode or form poison vapors if you mix it with milk.

As a native Mississippian, I have to ask where you are from?


Let me just say first, I love milk. Almost every protein powder I have ever used tastes much better with milk. However this is just not the taste with Grow. It tastes almost identical with water compared to milk. If you need the extra calories, I suggest getting it somewhere else as opposed to milk. After many years of drinking a half gallon a day, I finally realized that it made me very bloated, and made me hold ALOT of water no matter what else I did. Now, milk is a treat. I still buy it and drink it, but not like I used to. So to answer your question, you can use milk with Grow, but water tastes just as good!


Grow can be mixed with anything.....milk, orange juice, apple juice, yogurt, ice cream, etc. You may have to adjust the amount of liquid though to suit your tastes......more liquid if it's too thick and less liquid if it's too thin.

Check out the recent thread on Grow recipes. There's some great ones that you may want to try!


Milk is fine. Here's the thing, there are a lot of people out there who automatically assume they have to mix protein powders and MRPs with milk to make them taste good. That's because they're used to Bucket O' Crap tubs of chalk dust or haven't purchased a protein supplement since the days of Weider. Grow! does not need to be mixed with milk to taste good. That's one of the first surprises most new Grow! users get.

By the way, there are some sleazeball protein makers out there who list a very high amount of protein per serving - higher than Grow! The catch? If you read the label closely, it lists the calories and protein grams in the milk you're supposed to add!

Another old trick is to simply put in a larger size scoop. You open up the tub and dig out a scoop roughly the size of a contractor-grade shovel!


I think Grow tastes BETTER with water than with milk. And yes, it's the only protein powder I've tried that does.


contractor-grade shovel, ha ha ha , i like that.

Admittedly Grow does taste suprsingly similar in water or milk, like some others i use full fat milk during my treat days


I was surprised to find that Grow! tastes very good with water, I too used to mix my protein w milk, but not with Grow! That makes it extremely convienient too, just add water and slam it, no more trying to keep milk around.


Possible disadvantages...milk slows down the absorption of whey/fast absorbed proteins, and milk consumption is linked to a higher risk of certain cancers.