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Grow! & Metabolic Drive Servings


I just looked this up, but Grow! and Metabolic Drive cost about $30.00 and the cheap stuff from walmart is about $12, yet the cheap stuff has more protein per serving. I know it taste bad, but I would think the more expensive stuff would have more protein per serving, dont you guys agree?


A serving is whatever you make it to be.

Sure, companies will list a "servings size" on the label, but this doesn't mean you can't use more or less at a time.


In a 30 gram scoop you are never going to get more than 28-29 grams of protein in it.

I don't know where walmart buys the protein from but I'd be willing to bet it is the cheapest most low quality stuff around.

It's like comparing a 16 oz of 70% lean ground beef for 2.00 lb with a 10 oz lean sirloin steak at 4.00 lb and saying the ground beef is a better deal. Some people think that way and if it makes them happy to buy the cheapest stuff around then so be it, I'm going to find the best stuff I can that sells it at a reasonable price.


I sent you a PM codypt reply back when you get the chance.


Serving size doesn't matter. Like ChrisKing said, a serving is whatever you want it to be.

It's all about quality. Grow! and Metabolic Drive are going to be light years ahead of anything found at Wal-Mart.