Grow! Me More! Pudding

Hey guys…question.

Something that I picked up from my friend Skip LaCour was to always “eat” my protein by making a “pudding” instead of a shake.(The only real “shake” I take is SURGE).

Its now a habit for me!

I THINK Skip originally started this for convienence (and the fact that he liked “eating” his food as much as possible)…but it seems like with the new Micellar Grow!, you might extend it’s already slower absorption rate, thus making it an even more efficient in it’s nitrogen rentention action.

Any thoughts?

Any thoughts on “pudding” vs “shakes”?

Thanks, guys!


I completely agree with you on protein “pudding.” My last meal of the day for the past six months has been a pudding-like MRP. I use primarily casein protein with a small amount of whey and two tablespoons of peanut butter. Add a few ounces of water and throw it in the fridge for an hour. It’s awesome! I was using ISS Research’s Micellar Matrix but have switched to the new Micellar Grow! since it came out. It’s definitely more satisfying to close out the day with something solid and filling rather than a liquid meal.


Sounds like a good idea Mufasa!! I think it was JPBear who posted that she freezes her Grow!, making it kinda like a sorbet. I’m trying that tonight!! And eating Grow! pudding from now on for my final meal!

Hey Mufasa,
Got your PM. Yeah, I can empathize about the eating vs. drinking thing while dieting. It can be a huge psychological factor, for one. (Of course it’s all liquid after it hits the intestines, eh?) This is one reason why I’ve often bought sugar free jello and SF pudding to mix with my evening protein when I’m tightening up my diet.

One note of caution on protein-only puddings, though. By adding very little water, the osmolality (concentration) could get high enough to induce some gurgling or diarrhea in some people. That could end up wasting the protein (among other results). Thus, I wouldn’t go nuts on a large bowl until I knew I was having no problems with smaller amounts.

Having said that, some SF light whipped topping or just a small hit of low-carb cookie crumbs (even in layers for a parfait) can break up some monotony if things are getting old fast.

Thanks, guys!

Dr. L; another thing that I’ve been playing around with is a combination of berries (which I got from you!) and perhaps ground nuts (that I picked up from JB).

The more I read, the mose I have come to realize that nightime nutrition should become more than just an afterthought, especially when one is interested in putting on mass.


I tend to split the difference and make a very thick, but not quite pudding, Grow! mixture for my last feeding of the day.

When I do make a pudding, I sometimes top it with berries and seeds/nuts. Berries are probably the best fruit to eat generally speaking, even for low-carbers. I buy them frozen in bags as Dr. Lowery has recommended.

You can also experiment with ground flax seeds and guar gum (Benefiber) to add fiber.

Last tip. This one really makes you feel like you’re cheating on your diet: crumble a low carb candy bar over Grow! pudding and stir it in. Tastes even better than a Dairy Queen Blizzard! Just go easy on the low carb candy bars or you’ll kill your bed mate with gas!