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Grow! - Is it Missing Anything?


I recently bought some Grow! protein, which I've been very happy with. Unfortunately though, it is missing some essential amino acids, such as L-Glutamine. The GNC protein has these. Why doesn'y Grow! have it? Also, does Grow! use a mix of proteins, or just whey protein? Thanks a lot.


PS: As far as the weight gainer "N-Large 2" goes, does anyone reccomend it? It need extra protein and caleries as I am a hard-gainer, and this stuff doesn't have too much sugar. Thanks


Well, it would help if you read the ingredients or the Grow! thread. Grow! contains whey and micellar casein. Basically a milk blend with micellar casein - a very high quality protein - learn more on the special reports thread.

As far as glutamine - well, all complete proteins have glutamine, it is an amino acid - Grow! just doesn't contain any extra. As far as why, check out this article -

Doesn't anybody eat FOOD anymore? I don't know anything about that weight-gainer but most are notorious for putting on too much fat. You're much better off getting calories from food. Check out the 7 habits article and massive eating by Dr. Berardi. The links are in this thread:


All you have to do is look at the ingredients. Grow! is not missing anything. The proteins in Grow! are all complete with all the aminos. L-Glutamine is a free form amino acid that is added by companies as a "bonus". It does not need to be added to the protein in Grow! to complete it.

N-Large 2 is basically a large amount of maltodextrin (a high glycemic carb) and low quality protein (whey concentrate). It's good to add for calories, but it would be ideal if you made something like an oatmeal-Grow! shake or peanut butter-Grow! shake. This would be healthier and you still get a high amount of "good calories" in a quick easy shake.


Here's a tip: Go to the front page, click on the Grow! product icon, read about the product.

While you're there, do the same for Surge.


It is also missing dietary fiber.


It was so close to being the perfect food until you mentioned that.

How can man live on this without fiber?


Here's one for you; look at amino acid formulations. They will all be missing tryptophan, which is an essential amino acid. You'll see 5-HTP, a metabolite that can't do the same job, in it's place.

As mentioned earlier, Grow! has complete proteins, which include tryptophan, so there is no need to worry about this problem.



But it doesn't have fiber, Dave!!! Grow! sucks! LOL!