GROW in 4lbers

I think it would be a great idea if biotest came ou a 4 or 5 lber. serving of grow
( i don’t it would be more cost effective but it could be a better conveninece factor)

anyone agree???

Yes, and a 12 pound Surge would be great too.

I’m all for it - both for grow and surge.

Totally agree on both comments here. Only problem is that they are trying to make as much money as possible with these products and that’s the way to do it. Ever notice that most of the time it’s the junk products that are sold at a cheaper price in larger size containers? It would be nice to have a 5lb. of Surge/Grow though. I would still pay the same price.

How about in one of them big, 10-gallon drums? I’d roll that home. :wink:

Seriously, yeah - 4 or 5 lbs would be kewl.

Hey, if they threw it in a keg you could do some Dino training after consuming it all. TC, think about it…think about it. Lata.

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