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Grow! & Heavy Cream

I recently ordered all the new flavors of Low-Carb Grow! and love them.

Based on suggestions from the “Anabolic Diet” thread, I’ve begun adding heavy cream to my shakes.

I mix them up like this:
2 scoops of Low-Carb Grow!
4 oz. of heavy cream
12 oz. of water
4 ice cubes

These are absolutely delicious (and filling) and making them this way makes the strawberry, orange, and banana Grow! shakes taste like real milk-shakes.

In other words, it makes a great product even better. Another benefit, it’s a good way to add calories without carbs.

Each shake contains 620 calories! (You can add even more by throwing in a tablespoon of olive oil or flax oil, as suggested on the AD thread, but I haven’t tried it that way yet.)

If you’re looking for a higher-calorie, low-carb, great tasting protein shake, try these, you won’t regret it!