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Grow Flavors

Hey guys…quick question…I love Grow Vanilla. It is the only protein drink I have EVER had that I actually look forward to drinking. I am sure there are many of you here that have tried Chocolate…thoughts??

I actually like the chocolate better than the vanilla. I think we need a strawberry Grow.

The Chocolate grow is good too, but for some reason with me it didn’t have the addictive nature of the vanilla grow :slight_smile:

I like the vanilla Grow! but the chocolate is totally awesome! Especially if you use a little skim milk. My wife and I have a shake every morning for breakfast, and she wouldn’t use it if it weren’t great!

I love the chocolate flavor. I’d like some more flavors though - maybe raspberry or strawberry !!!

JB, yeah, can you imagine a Grow that tastes like Strawberry Quick? I also would like Orange Grow, with a flavor like the 50/50 ice cream bars or orange sherbert. Hey, I’ll be back, gotta go catch the ice cream man.

Chocolate is great; Vanilla is good ;Strawberry would be nice =)

Well, let me think. My girlfriends pussy or chocolate Grow? I’ll get back with ya.

 I have tried both and the chocolate is by far the winner.  To me it tastes kinda like a chocolate malt.


Add two packets of Sanka coffee to vanalla,or chocolate Grow.The taste is to die for!