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Grow! Compared to Metabolic Drive


I'm curious about the difference in quality of protein. I know that the Grow! is supposed to be "natural" flavor and the Metabolic Drive probably tastes better, but I was wondering about the differences in quality of the protein itself.

For my next order I was thinking about getting some cheaper Grow! allong with the Metabolic Drive just to stretch my dollar a bit further. Would I be sacrificing quality protein?


Grow! Whey I believe is all, if not then almost all, whey protein. Metabolic Drive has micellar casein, which makes it a lot more expensive than regular protein. As they say: micellar casein is the ferrari of proteins.

It's slow digesting so it's best to take some before bed so your body has some protein while it goes on an 8 hour fast. I would suggest getting a tub of Metabolic Drive Complete for a shake in the morning since it has a shitload of fiber and all that natural goodness. I also take Grow! Whey during the day as a protein supplement along with my meals.


Yes, this is true. I don't mean to be rude, but the info articles for the products explains them in detail and allows one to ascertain the differences.