Grow & breakfast

i usually dont have alot of time to get ready and eat a good breakfast before i head off the my classes at the senior high school… i was wondering if i could use Grow! as a breakfast suppliment without suffering any energy drains or anything like that. thanks

If I’m in a hurry, I’ll make a shake.

Cottage Cheese

blend and enjoy

I’ve been doing this for a year now. Works great! Sometimes I add a piece of fruit in for variety. Strawberries in vanilla Grow is a good one.

May I say how much I envy you for having found this website at your age? It’s going to be a big help.

Small hijack -

I can’t get cottage cheese or fresh fruits where I am. I am looking for frozen varieties, but have yet to come across them. Other than Oatmeal, what can I use in my morning p&c shake? Also, I am having issues with all the oats settling on the bottom of the shake, is there any way to counteract this? Sometimes eating the soggy oats at the end makes me gag.

ive been ‘lurking’ around this site for about 6 months now, and i must say its so well built, i practically live on this site! yes its been a big help. without this site, theres now way i would of been able to keep in ‘decent’ shape and study for my A+ Certification. JWright, ill try that recipe you gave me… hey i know, how about you guys submit your fav recipes/mixes with grow? thanks

Ive drank a protien shake for 95% of my mornings for the last 7 years. i cant eat in the morning. Its the only way i can get anything down without puking.

Some more ideas for you:

i hear you Goldberg, i figure if i cant hold down solid food, id at least try a shake or something. thanks tek, those recipies sound hella good, cant wait to try them out. goldberg, im curious as to what kind of protein shake you use?