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Grow Bars!!!

Hey, I just got my free order of Grow! bars today. Holy shit these things are GREAT and I don’t usually like brownie anything. Much better than I had anticipated. TC, is there anyway to buy stock in Biotest? I’d just like to get in now before the market blows up on these.

Testosterone Stock.

Ah, the euphemisms are endless. . .

I received my Grow! bars on Friday. I’ve had two so far and they are delicious. My wife opened the door to the car and she accused me of eating chocolate because she could smell it. No honey, just a Biotest protein bar. They also have a great macronutrient breakdown. I’m almost afraid to ask what the ingredients are since they weren’t included on the packaging. But I’ll ask anyway, “what’s in the Grow! bars?”

I’ve looked through all of the Grow! Bar threads, but I’ve yet to find an answer to this: Is there an expected release date for them? I know TC or Tim have likely posted this already, but I simply cannot find it. Anyone?


My guess is “soon” but not immediately.

The bars tasted “finished” in that I don’t think they have a lot of tweaking to do. They taste ready to go. But the packaging was very prototype. The bars themselves were in plain silver wrappers with only a code printed on them. The limited nutritional info was included on a paper slip included in the box.

So, my guess is the only thing left is to make any minor changes they perceive as needed from the feedback, then finish up the packaging and start cranking the manufacturing machine. I wouldn’t expect that to take less than a month.

[quote]michaelv wrote:
My guess is “soon” but not immediately… I wouldn’t expect that to take less than a month.[/quote]

Kinda what I figured, but not what I hoped for. I say, ship them in the silver wrappers with the little sheet for nutrition info. I don’t need packaging–I need food! I’ve got a trip in three weeks, and I’m afraid I’m going to have to take shudder Labrada Lean Body bars shudder. Oh well… At least I won’t have to worry about regularity if my fiber consumption is subpar. Can you say “glycerol?” I knew you could!


Those free samples were awesome. Just got them today and let my mom try them. She was blown away by the taste and when I told her they were only 1 $ a bar she was amazed. Now, she will buy them for me!!!

Thanks for the feedback. Can you also put your reviews in the new thread in the Dialogs section titled “Grow! Bars feedback HERE”?

That way they won’t get lost so quickly on the forum. Thanks!

Here’s the link: