Grow! Bars?

I swear there was a poll not too long ago about favorite Grow! bar flavors.

Does anyone have any info, rumors, out right lies regarding the return of said bars?

We’ve begged Tim to bring them back… I sure do miss them.

I’ve been waiting ever since the same poll to try these and haven’t heard a thing about them except for us asking about them time and time again.
I would really like to see a low-carb version. I would eat 2 a day during cutting phases.
Well heres hopeing.

Just want to add to the list of people hoping for Grow! Bars to come back

There was a thread a while back where it seems we all decided that the current crop of protein bars sucks some serious ass and that Biotest REALLY needs to bring Grow! Bars back. If I remember right, the thread was attached to a poll of favorite flavors. There were a ton of responses, so Tim and the guys should know by now that Grow! Bars would sell like hotcakes. You hear that T-Nation?! Puhleeeez bring 'em back!!! If you want us to beg, I’m sure that most of us would be willing to accommodate you.