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Grow! Bars?

There was talk of rekindling Grow bars. Has there been a decision on the situation? This would be much more convenient than making a shake wherever I go.

I also wondered what happened to GROW! bars and asked TC about them a few months ago. He basically said that they just couldn’t compete with the other bars on the market. As with all Biotest supplements they were made with superior quality ingredients, which made them more expensive. I guess your average GNC shopper is more interested in saving a few bucks than getting big. So they just weren’t popular enough to keep around. But now that Biotest is selling exclusively to T-Nation with no middle man, maybe they’ll bring them back if we ask real nice. Until then if you look in the archives for an article which I believe was entitled “Shake it Up” or something similar, T-mag ran a contest for who has the best “GROW!” recipe and a lot of the finalists had concocted ways to cook GROW into bar form. That may help you leave your blender at home. On a side note, however, since we’re talking about our favorite products that have gone missing…I’m still waiting for METHOXY-7 to return to the online store.

Here is one more vote for Grow Bars. Make that one more order for Grow Bars as well.

I would order Grow bars and eat no others.

And ditto on the Methoxy-7.

Word has it we are 6 to 12 months away from either product being back in stock.

I think Methoxy-7 will be back much sooner. Grow! bars may never come back.

A new version of Methoxy-7 is now in production. It should be in our e-store, as an exclusive item, in two weeks.

To further improve solubility, as well as enhance performance, we’ve formulated a nano-dispersed, propylcarbonate version of 7-Hydroxy-EC into capsules. Each bottle will contain 144 caps (filled to the brim) and cost 39 bucks.

Regarding GROW! bars, if you (T-Nation) want them, we’ll make them! Bars are now kind of a nutritional staple. As such, I want to produce something in the category. There are problems, though:

  1. Minimum production runs are extremely high, and unless T-Nation supports the bar, they’d stale before we could turn the inventory.

  2. What style and flavor(s) do we make? One thing’s for certain, the feedback on the topic has been indecisive.

  3. Price. We only produce the best, and the best cost about 95 cents a bar (including shipping and packaging) – this is our cost. Will T-Nation pay for a quality bar?

Wow, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Appreciate the update very much.

Wow! Thanks Tim!

There have been a lot of us clamoring for the new Methoxy, thanks for taking the time to drop the update!

Regarding the bars I know for sure that I would support them, and I don’t mind paying the amount you specefied or even a bit higher either as they really are a huge advantage for dieting.

In fact I’ve paid similar prices for crap bars.

How about a different carb source?

I would definitely support a bar with a better carb source.

I know I’d support both.

I’m also not surprised by the pricing Tim mentioned for the bars at all, I’ve paid $1.25 to $1.75 for most bars that I can think of only to later see reports on various sites about how terrible they are.

I know a lot of people would kill for a quality nutrition bar.

LC Grow bars in the two basic LC Grow flavors, it would be like taking two scoops of LC Grow in my backpack. Well ok, you could add blueberry too I guess.

Sign me up fpr the bars. I dont care If you just made the peanut butter one.

Maybe a choc coconut? I see many companies make that with good flavor so it cant be the hard to do rather than having to invent the wheel.

I’d definitely be in for some GROW! bars. I pay about $1 for a piece of crap protein bar so paying the same for a GROW! bar would be awesome. And I’ll eat any thing chocolate flavoured.

Here’s another vote for the bars.
The price is definitely acceptable.
Bars and MRP’s are essential for me. With little time to eat at work or school, they’re a great help.

I would definitely be interested in grow bars. I used to buy bioprotein bars because they were cheap ($1) but they are made by the same company that makes Genisoy bars, thus they had soy in them. So now I don’t buy protein bars, I miss them!

I would love to see the lemon grow bar come back. and would pay 1$ a bar no prob.

I am all for the Grow bars coming back.

I dont see why anyone wouldnt pay anywhere from $1.50-$2.00 for them.

I mean a quality meal for that price. I can spend that on a freaking can of tuna and a pickle.

Fact is we would be paying for quality. As of right now there is no bar on the market I will purchase. I just dont trust/like the label claims.

Bring em back,


How about something chocolate, something peanut butter? Maybe a combo of both for a third?

Sell’em in cases of 25? 12 to a box wouldn’t be worth the order.

I am defintaely up for the bars, i like have to have a box lying about in case i am in a hurry, i wold buy for sure!!!