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Grow Bars

I was going to order some grow bars to give me something to eat when I am at school all day. Just curious how do you all think they taste? I was eating some I got at Costco, cheap as hell, but the first protein source mentioned was soy so… I don’t even think I need to finish this sentence

I’m VERY picky about my protein bar flavors (I refuse to eat nasty tasting ones cuz…why make diet more miserable than it has to be?). And I’ll say that Grow! bars are the BEST I’ve ever tasted. I love the lemon flavor. It almost feels like eating dessert. Yum! (Makes you feel almost guilty to eat something this tasty!)

I dare say that I’ve tried over 20 different bars and they are probably the best.

They taste pretty good to me, a little chewy but not as bad as some I have had. I keep a box for emergency supply, If I know I may be out past feeding time. I wouldn’t make it a diet staple.

The Lemon Grow bars are by far the best bars ever and I have tried them all over the years. My wife even likes them and she typically hates protein bars.

I actually prefer the Peanut Butter. But, yes, they are outstanding.

Yup GROW bars are pretty darn tasty, I actually prefer the Promax or Bio protein bars though. Also, the muscle milk bars are not that bad. But nutrition and taste wise, grow are the best!!!

Da Boxer (lovin’ P&B)

After trying at least 10 different brands and 5 different flavors in each brand, NOTHING even begins to compare to the taste and texture of the Grow Bars. But, like anything, if you have them too often (for me, more than twice a day) you get sick of them.

Costco has GROW BARS!!! NEW news to me… Yea!!! I got to go and check it out at COSTCO… Now I can buy it bulk… And you say its cheap also… I hope there some GROW BARS in Costco in my area…

I’m also a peanut butter fan…

I don’t really like them while dieting but while gaining or in a pinch the carbs aren’t that high…
but just on taste alone I have to agree they are the best bars I’ve had

fitone- I think Soco made a typo. He probably meant he was eating some other protein bar from costco because he mentioned it has soy in it.

Cool, cool me thinks I shall give them a try then.

Fitone - read the post again.

Soco shame on u I was hoping Coscto carried GROW BARS… I notice that later on… I guess I have to buy my GROW BARS online still…

Grow bars are awesome… I’ve tried tons of different brands, and nothing is comparable to Grow. Usually, I can stomach a protein bar for (at max) 10-12 consecutive days. With Grow, I still haven’t gotten tired of them.

Fitone - I see how you got that from my post but sadly no. Instead though you can get a soy based, horribly tasting bar packed with gelatin if that makes you feel better.

Lemon Grow bars are delicious. The second best tasting is the Lambrada, although I am not sure of its quality.


I don’t understand how you can possibly think that Soco was referring to GROW! when he talked 'bout the bars he got from Coscto since he said the first ingredient was SOY.

Grow Bars are the best. No soy BTW.

GROW bars are the best product on the market. They taste great!