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Grow! Bars When You're Busy?


The past couple of weeks i have been hitting the gym and eating everything i can (Beginner / about 6'2" 175lbs). I work about 8 hours a day and when i am at work i do not have but a minute to stop. i was wondering if it would be a good idea to order Grow! bars to put in my diet while im there? Thanks.


The Grow! bars are awesome. I have a dozen of them in my desk, and they're my new 2:30 snack. It's a nice dose of protein, and the fiber keeps me from being hungry until I get home.


If you're not eating anything during the whole day, I would re-evaluate your goals and somehow "make it happen."

Grow! Bars are okay for a quick bite, but if you're not eating most of the day, they won't make up for that.


I am a college student working in a restraunt. I eat stuff like salads, potatoes, and whatever i can find. I was just wanting something else to give me a good dose in protein, so its not like i am not eating anything.

Thanks for the replies.


Yeah-when I was busing partime earlier this summer I would have a couple Grow! Bars during my shift. Just make sure you're getting a good meal soon before and soon after. And of course at other points in the day.


Nate Dogg hit it on the head. Grow! bars are for emergencies.


These types of things are great to have around, get yourself some. It's not as healthy as a whole food meal, but it's a LOT healthier than what you might eat otherwise. A "good" thing that you'll do will get you a lot further than a "perfect" thing you won't do...


I don't think I'd go so far as to say they are for emergencies only.

I have 1 to 2 Grow! bars a day as between meal snacks and I've gotten in the best shape of my life so far this summer.

They don't take the place of fruits or vegetables in my diet, though.


Yeah, I agree with Nate. If you're only eating protein bars over an 8 hour period, I'd find it difficult to make any significant mass gains. You did mention that you eat salads and potatoes while you're on your shift...maybe pile on some chicken or beef on those salads instead of just using protein bars. Probably cheaper and better for you.


I use them when I have to go to meetings and can't eat my regular meal. To me that's an emergency because I hate meetings.


Appreciate the info. I might order some to eat here and there but i think i might start pre-cooking chicken and just throw it in a microwave when i have a minute.


I think it's better to eat a Grow! bar than to not eat anything at all, or to eat junk.

Yes, real food is best, but if you're in danger of not eating, throw down a Grow! bar. That's what they're for.


Also a good idea. The beauty of the Grow! bar is that you can keep them in a desk, in the car, in a bag, etc. and they are not going to go bad on you. Just handy to have when life gets a little kooky. I am using them quite a bit in the last week or so as work has gotten 100% kook-arific.