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Grow! Bars Update

Just got word that the peanut butter Grow! bars will be available Friday. Lemon will come out next week. Two more flavors will come out in the future. Keep your eye on www.biotestedge.com for more info.

I’ll be ordering mine as soon as they come online! I’ve been craving more since Biotest sent me samples months ago.

DING DING! Excellent news!

cough Ahem.


Definitely beating Monkeyboy Eric to the punch: “It’s about f’in time, Shugs.”

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Oh, and I'm definitely bumping up the old GROW bar thread. You know the one.

Also, fuck.

Great news!

Fuckin’ A, right on! Ooops, sorry - wrong thread smirk

Just placed my order!

Yeah, I just called and ordered a couple of boxes as well.

Where can you order them? I can’t find them anywhere. Robert, where did you get em from?

I just ordered two boxes. The sales person told me that Original GROW! is scheduled to come out in the fall, after the bars are selling and on track. Herc

1 800 525 1940

Can’t wait to get mine. Look forward to the blueberry and choculate too.

Just got mine @$33 a box. Ship late next week. BUT…will my precious bars melt in this august heat or will Biotest throw in a cooling brick or something?

How many come per box?

Ryano, why don’t you ask the rep who took your order?

The standard dozen to a box. And the guy I spoke to at Biotest was munching on a peanut butter Grow bar as I was talking to him and telling me how good it tasted…bastard. I’m ordering a box RIGHT now.

DC- High quality protein (some bars use crap protein- soy, horse hooves etc), great taste (well, I haven’t tried one yet, but Grow MRPs have always been my fave so the bars should be equally good), and no hidden carbs. See the “Protein Insider” article at T-mag for more info.

DC, based on the samples that Biotest sent me, and other Testosterone VIPs a while back, these bars tasted much better than anything I’ve had by EAC, Musclecrap, or anyone else. They were that good. Plus, Tim’s made a point at not playing the label games that just about every other company does with their bars. Rumor has it that EAS and several other major companies were recently busted for this, and as a result will be listing the macronutrients differently in the near future.

about fucking time the fucking grow bars came the fuck out. (hehe remember that thread?)

Hey everybody, listen: I called back and asked about the melt-factor. The rep said that ALL orders will be shipped in some type of fridge-box so that they will not melt. No need to stress then.