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Grow bars at Vitaplus

Vitaplus is already selling the Grow bars and they swear up and down they ship the next business day. Do they really have them already?

Why aren’t they here? Why no chocolate?

Tim said a couple of days ago that they’re being made now, but won’t be out for a couple of weeks. As for flavors, I think Biotest is going to offer two favors first, then later release two more.

Couldn’t find the vitaplus you refer to. Found a Vitaplus cattle feed stare and an Arabic Vitaplus. Found one Vitaplus Engligh vitamin store, but it contained no Biotest products.

It’s a yahoo store. Search their mall.

the vitaplus store can be found at:

http://store.yahoo.com/ vitaplusstore/biotest.html

(remove any spaces)

crap and they’re out of stock! =(

Screwtape- They’re not out of stock. They’ve never been in stock. See Shugart’s reply above.