Grow Bar Replacement

Hi all,

i am very sad that GROW BARS are no longer forsale. So this leave me looking for a quality replacement, or as close to GROW BARS as I can get.

Suggestions please!

Comment on these:

Tri-o-plex bar
Sprotpharma Promax bar (cokkies&cream)


Stick with a good MRP powder … I went back to good old fashioned Grow. There is nothing out there that is anything more than a glorified candy bar … I know it sucks I loved the Grow bar.

powers are not always an option when your in certain places. There must be a couple of good bars out there!

MRP’s are the way to go but I’ll still mix in a MET-Rx bar now and then.

With their patented “Metamyosin” protein, I’m comfortable I’m not getting soy or some other inferior stuff. I think it’s the best thing out there right now, with the absence of Grow Bars.

Here’s a tip I learned on this forum. Get a shaker bottle or similiar. I use the Hot-Rox bottle Biotest was giving away with orders. Put your powder in there with no water. Now, as long as you have access to water, you have an MRP ready to go! Just shake and drink.

I do take shakes with me this way…it works pretty well, but there are still times when a bar would be better and faster for me, this is why I am looking for input on other bars…thanks again


i’ve taken a closer look at the ingredients in promax bars and they seem to be a pretty good choice overall, if you don’t mind the high gi carbs and the fact that you have to eat 2 to get 40g of protein. there are a few ingredients that are less healthy than whole food choices, but probably nothing that’s really going to have an effect on your health or physique.

as for trioplex bars: pretty solid all around except for the fact that one of the principal protein sources is soy isolate. this is a little better than soy concentrate, but anyone on this forum will tell you to avoid soy if you can. i wouldn’t worry about the amount in one bar, but eating too much soy raises estrogen levels.

i would try checking out promax lean protein bars, AST vyo-pro bars and cytosport muscle milk bars. all are low in sugar, relatively low in carbs and saturated fat, and don’t contain any poor protein sources such as collagen, gelatin, or soy.

chef jay’s trioplex are good and made of quality ingredients … for a protein bar

Eat some real food. Open up one of those water-packed tuna pouches and eat that instead.


I like the original MetRx bara–27 g protein, ~60 carbs w/ half that being honest, labeled sugars…taste okay too.

Phatman (Nee Colin…something) had posted a pretty damn good homemade recipe using GROW…MMmm…MMM…Good!

You will need to tweak it a bit but the taste is amazing and the protein top notch (of course)…sorry, I would post it but Mrs. Cake has it in here head and she ain’t here.

“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food”

~ W. C. Fields

The Best - Peak Bodys Pro50.
Tastes great and has 50 - YES 50 gms of Protein to 13 Carbs!!!
I hate MetRx bars - taste like a mix of chalk, glue and paint stripper so I tried loads of ones until I got this one and I really really like it…

“I hate MetRx bars - taste like a mix of chalk, glue and paint stripper”

Yeah, but they’re good for you.

Now eat your spinach!


True - but if you can get 50 gms of P and it tastes better - why bother …??

Quality of protein wise I like Met-RX and Labrada bars; Labrada makes some AWESOME tasting bars. I have honestly never tried a Labrada bar flavor I didn’t like.

I’m not a big fan of bars, either, but has anyone tasted the Designer Whey line (Detour, U-Turn, etc.). About 30 grams of whey protein and 26 grams of carbs (the latter explaining why I’m not a bar fan). But ohmyfrickingod the taste! To die for.

I’m unaware if there are any laboratory tests confirming the ingredients, etc., although my buddy is a wholesaler who rigorously tests most of his stuff at a local university, and he’s a fan of the Designer Whey line. I know Biotest alluded to the makeup being fraudulent, but I’ve yet to see proof either way.

no23 - I was joking.

elveneyes - haven’t checked out the ingredients of the Labrada bars, but don’t recall hearing anything but good about the taste of them.

Hmm, I’ll have to check those out.

Bosco, I ran a search on detour bars and came up with this from an old post:

Detour Bar claims:

protein- 32g

fat- 9g

carbs- 21g

sugar- 6g

Lab results:

protein- 19.5g

fat- 13.2g

carbs- 34.2g

sugar- 19.4g

The report is from Shuster labs. It is lab report # 02-6397- project #74680…The Detour bar tested was from lot#121103- Date Dec 17, 2002…

Davo2…ouch!! Glad I don’t eat bars except on the rarest of ocassions. Should have known they tasted too damn good to be true.