Grow! Bar Poll

T-mag and Biotest have had many requests to bring back Grow! bars and make them a direct sales item. As a reminder, Grow! protein bars contained no soy, no hidden carbs, and no zero biologic-value proteins like gelatin. Each bar had 30 grams of the highest quality proteins.

Three questions for you:

  1. Would you buy Grow! bars directly from this site if they were brought back?

  2. What would you pay for them? They would sell 12 to a box, but for simplicity, tell us what a fair price would be per bar.

  3. If brought back, only one flavor would be made at a time. What flavor would you like? Note that they were originally made in chocolate covered peanut butter and yogurt covered lemon. However, other flavors would be considered.

Thanks for your feedback.

  1. In the future, most likely.
  2. Not sure, but I’d say 1$/bar.
  3. Peanut butter covered with chocolate sound mighty tasty. :wink:

I would buy them. I think about $2.00 per bar sounds about right. Maybe a s’mores flavor would be good.

  1. Hell yes

  2. $1.00

  3. Peanut Butter Chocolate

Flavour lemon.

Price around/over a buck and a half per piecee or lets say around or slightly above 20 dollars for the box.

I would buy them for about $1.50 per bar.

However, I didn’t like either of the flavors, and neither did my clients.

If you could somehow get them to taste similar to chef jay’s product, without as high a carb content, you’d have a goldmine on your hands.

[Note from Mod: Chef Jay’s bars badly failed label tests. The quality, based on the tests we’ve seen, is very poor and does not match label claims at all. Do a search at T-mag for more info. We covered this in Reader Mail a while back.]

Lemon, $1 each

  1. yes

  2. forget how much they were, but if you get it down to like $1 bar or less, that would be pretty cool

  3. lemon . . .don’t like lemons, but the lemon grow bars were great

I want the grow bars baby, they kick ass.

id pay around a buck per bar if you could get them that cheap but id not pay over 1.50/bar

i want cappuccino flavor… seriously. that would be heaven on earth. but if you guys dont want to deviate too far from the mainstream id go for the lemon.

yes, in college a grow bar would be great.

Peanut butter

I really don’t know $1 each would be awesome but I have no idea what I good price for Biotest and us would be

Please bring them back

I loved the peanut butter grow bars.
I once found them on the internet for
12 bucks a box. I bought 5 boxes and froze them. I think 18 bucks would be a good price.

I would like to get them in plain chocolate as far as the price goes that is harder to say because i dont have a clue what ur costs are to produce them.

Well, Grow! is about $1.28/40g P serving. The bars would have less P…but be more convenient…so I could see the same price working.

  1. Yes, I would be direct from Biotest.

  2. I would like to pay something like $1.50 - $1.75 per bar.

  3. Of the original flavors I liked lemon the best. As far as a new flavor, perhaps blueberry.

To keep this poll honest 4 you I will say that I would most likely not be a buyer of this product.

Not that I dont like the grow bars, just that I never tried them, and actually can count the # of bars I have had on 1 hand.

I simply try and get my protein from whole food as much as I can.

If you do relaunch them though I will most likely give them atleast 1 try to see what all the hype is about.

Just keeping it honest 4 u,

  1. Yes I would definitely buy them.
  2. I think about $1 a bar is fair.
  3. Chocolate covered peanut butter sounds good.

heh, “what would we pay for em?” …sounding a bit like a car dealership. “What you you sell em for?” is really the question. Pretty simple really, the lower the price, the more we’ll be able to buy. Just as long as you guys can keep a decent enough profit margin to justify selling the product without sacrificing quality then all should be cool.

I like the direct sales idea for that as well, have been a Biotest customer for years, but now am able to order most everything through this site at the better prices. Is also much more convenient so having the Grow! bars in the mix would be even better. I’d buy them.

As far as flavor, wouldn’t really matter, haven’t tried them before and am sure others will have better opionions on that. Am sure none of them will taste “bad” and I like the idea of another option for a quick easy round of protein at work and such.

So with that and being able to buy them here along with my other supps, I’ll be a regular customer for them as well.

While I’d love to see them for a dollar each, that’s probably not possible. I get Balance bars for that, sure, but Grow bars are THREE TIMES the size of a Balance bar and probably twice the quality! I think $1.75 would be fair, and Biotest would do a good job on any flavor.

I would probably buy them occasionally.

Haven’t ever tried the lemon, but the peanut butter ones were great!

I’d pay whatever they cost! Assuming that they will be priced fairly, which going by the recent reductions they would be.

I liked the peanut butter grow bars but I think a smores or regular chocolate type flavor might be better.

I would have to say that if brought back I might buy some to try again (especially if in new flavor) but that I would probably not be a consistant buyer just cause I prefer shakes to bars…

Pricewise probably between 1-1.50…

If they are brought back I would like to see them made with splenda or something instead of the High-fructose CS the orginals had…