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Grow! and Surge


How long does you tub of Grow! and/ or Surge last? Or in other words, how fast do you go through a container?


I typically go through two tubs of Grow! a month, but I havent used Surge so I cant answer the second because I havent tried Surge yet.


Depends. How many servings do you plan on having a day?? Or week??? divide that by the total # of servings and you have your answer

For some that may mean Surge last them a months others a week.


That said my avereage is about 2 Surge a month and we'll average it out at 5 Low-Carb Grow!. Sometimes more sometimes less.


Cool. I was beginning to think I was abusing the powder. I go through about 4 tubs of Low-Carb Grow! per month plus about one container of Surge, ditto w ZMA. I really do need to eat more real protein meals, but its hard when you're so busy: 2 scoops and a ziploc are your best friend :slight_smile: