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GROW and pregnant


Has anyone taken GROW while they were pregnant? I have read the ingrediant list and all the ingrediants look OK to me, but I don't want to do anything that would hurt the baby. If anybody has any suggestions on what else to take to get protien instead of taking GROW that would be great!


It's fine to use whey as a protein source while you're pregnant. It's a healthy choice.


When you're pregnant your protein needs actually increase. So, GROW would be an excellent choixe to supplement your diet.
Make sure you drink lots of water, take your calcium, folate and iron supps. And eat a diet rich in these minerals.
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My wife took a whey shake nightly for the last trimester and our son was 8lbs 13oz. He's three and in the 96th percentile for height (I'm only 5'10" and my wife is maybe 5'2").


Grow is absolutely fine during pregnancy. I couldn't eat chicken during my first trimester... something about the texture. Normally I love chicken. So I had to utilize other sources for protein: nuts, eggs, protein bars, ect. It was even hard to stomach fish and steak for a while, all at different times, thank goodness.


GROW and pregnant? What the hell do they put in that stuff!?


just a side note

i bought a box of mrps and the warning on the side said do not use if you are pregnant or are likely to get pregnant... I kinda thought that was funny haha


In addition to the other comments.....please don't forget to take your Fish Oil supplements. The Omega 3's are essential to brain development...only one shot at growing brain cells and that is while inutero. The last trimester being the most important time, but I like the insurance policy of taking them all the time.

Good idea to plan ahead for your birth too. What kind of birthing experience are you hoping to have?

Congratulations on becoming a Mom!


Just a comment on the whole cya of "do not use while pregnant: This is a completely "cover-your-ass" statement and is NOT based on anything scientific. It's based ona lack of testing. You can imagine convincing a group of mothers-to-be to "test out" a suplement for effects on thier fetus, potentially negative effects! So, since there is no testing, and this whole litigeous society we live in (that tends to scream "you didn't tell me I couldn't do it"), they all recommend to not use while pregnant. Sad.


RE: fish oils and pregnancy. I just researched this for a friend. During pregnancy you want to make sure to take fish oils which are mostly DHA not the typical mixed EPA/DHA. This is because DHA is essential for fetal brain development. Nordic naturals makes one such product (pro DHA). As to how much is optimal:

"Dr. Simopoulus indicates about 80 percent of the North American population is deficient in DHA-fat. In the book PREVENTIVE NUTRITION (Humana Press 1997), it indicates women will donate 600 grams (600,000 milligrams) of essential fatty acids to their child during pregnancy. It would require about 2200 milligrams per day to meet the needs of the child and another 1000 milligrams for mother's needs. Thus 3000-4000 milligrams of omega-3 fish oil with DHA per day is suggested during the first trimester, increasing to 5000 milligrams per day by the fourth month of lactation."

After birth, any mixture of EPA/DHA is OK.


WOW!! Thanks so much for all your replies. I also emailed Biotest and they also said that GROW was ok to use. I completely agree with all that have replied, protien is VERY important during pregnancy, my first baby (boy) was 6lb 15oz, and was 4 weeks early!! I can't imagine how big he would have been if he had lasted those last 4 weeks.

TO Iron Maiden - My first labor and delivery was only 6 hours, barely got to the hospital in time, so I am planning on getting there earlier, so my doctor doesn't miss this one!! My short labor and delivery I attribute to working out (with weights!!, not a treadmill) untill the last days of my pregnancy (like the day before). Being in shape really helped with pushing to!! It also helped me get back to a pre-pregnancy weight almost immediately. But I am probably preaching to the choir, right?!?!?!

--Thanks everyone
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what's your opinion on under water births?


I haven't really done any research on them, but I love the concept. Being able to labor in the water sounds very relaxing (as relaxing as labor can get!), however the hospital that is nearest to my house doesn't offer water births as an option. My first child was a posterior baby (his head was coming out crown first instead of forhead first), so I don't feel comfortable going to a mid-wife.

Has anyone had a "water baby"? How was your experiance?

--samiam's wife