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Grow! and Lactose


I developped a light intolerance to lactose and I'm wondering if protein supplements will cause me troubles. Any ideas ?


Grow! has a minimal amount of lactose; less than a gram or two.

However, most studies involving lactose intolerant people show that they're able to handle up to 4 grams per meal.


I'm lactose intolerant to the point that any milk/cheese/yogurt makes me deathly ill with everything coming out on both ends.

Grow! & Surge don't cause me any problems whatsoever.


Lactose intolerant people lack the enzyme lactase which breaks down lactose (the sugar alcohol chain found in cow?s milk). Extreme lactose intolerant people are also sensitive to most other long sugar alcohol chains such as artificial sweeteners. Since Grow! and other whey protein supplement products are nothing more than isolated milk protein why wouldn?t they bother a lactose intolerant person? I would assume they would experience the same side effects of cramps; bloating etc as if they had drank milk. Shouldn?t other protein sources such as soy or egg be used instead?


I'm fairly lactost intolerant myself but it's almost always straight milk and goat cheese (goodbye tzatziki, sniff)...

I've found that drinking small amounts of Lactaid or Lacteeze works wonders on cutting down on the discomfort. Have you tried taking the lactose pills ? WOrks great too.

Funny but I do fine with yogurt... must be the bacterial cultures involved.

Never ad problems with Grow! but did with the OG Met-Rx and Myoplex (woo boy)...

Labrada's MRP stuff was great too until he started messing with it.


Thanks everyone for the help.


The proteins used in quality products like Grow! usually have the vast majority of lactose removed so they are not a problem for us lactose intolerant folks.


I'm lactose intolerant and most protein supp, including Grow!, are no disconfort at all. When you buy pure protein powders, look at the carbs. Since lactose is a carb, if per portion you have 2 grams or less of carbs, well, it's probably ok.

I found yesterday a supplement called "Dairy Care" which is advertised as a day long aid to lactose intolerance. Anyone has feedbacks on that?