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Grow! and Juice?

I am almost out of Surge and am thinking about just replacing my pre and post workout drink with Grow! Whey and either pomegranate juice or concord grape juice. I can easily make a 2:1 ratio of carbs and protein, the juice is loaded with antioxidants, is overall cheaper, and tastes much better.
Am I missing something?

You may be missing some BCAAs, but mostly you’ll be missing an extra credit card charge.

Youll be missing the Hydo Whey (pre digested FAST absorption) the extra BCAA’s and the fast mix of carbs (malto and sugar) Other than that no.


IMO you should probably just make some chocolate milk (ovaltine has maltodextrin) with skim milk and you’ll be set. If you have BCAA’s, take them, too.

Pomegranite juice? Talk about an expensive PWO drink.