Group Training

I have the honor of being my workcenters PT rep, So basically I am in charge of making our PT program. Now this sounds simple but I have never handled a large group of people (30) during a training session; if it was individual it would be a little easier. Our test is over push ups in 1 min, sit ups in a min, and a 1.5 mile run. What I wanted to do was do rounds of running, push ups and situps and pull ups for 20-25 min. (ala crossfit)
Any sugestions? did I include enough information?

Oh I hate that test.

Unfortunately the only way to really train for that piece of crap is to just do the test. No way to get better at pushups except by doing them, same with crunches and running.

Stupid fucking test. I’ve never gotten above an 85% because the AF seems to think a 225 pound man should have a 32 inch waist. Oi!!!

I feel your pain…I am 236 …and eventhough I can see my abs and oblques(sp) they (USAF) say I am too fat…grrrrrrr

While the 150 pound metabolically blessed, nutritionally ignorant and physically weak get “excellent” and are praised as pillars of health. If there’s one thing about the AF that truly pisses me off this is it!

The same sort of test exists in the ARA, to perform better you need the ability to accomplish more in the same amount of time, so I think anaerobic and speed conditioning are useful.
We did lots of fartlek training, but I think that other valid options are tabata, ‘roadwork’ and density training or the test exercises.
For training a group you could make things a little different/interesting by making it a competition - depends on the demographics of your group and if they’re competitive or not.

Hope this helps.

Check out military and ‘boot camp’ training methods. While they may not be the best ways to train, it is an effiecient way to train a large amount of people with little or no equipment.

It would probally be best to split them into two or three ability groups. A problem with mass training is a workout has to be geared to the weakest person. While the ones who are out of shape are struggling just to keep up, those with advanced fitness are wasting thier time.

What type of equipment do you have available? What type of company is this? What is the general fitness level of the class?

Maybe the biggest challenge is to keep motivation up and to keep things interesting. Variety helps, as well as team competions. Good luck!