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Group Standard Deads w/ Hams or Back

      So I'm in a "recovery" training phase after some problems, and it's a fairly normal split tweaked for time to 2 intense sets on everything with 45 sec rest periods. Three exercises per body part. I'm wondering if I should put regular deads in with back, or hams.

Here's how it looks:

         I was thinking to put them with hams, as right after squats would be counter prod. in my opinion. I like doing roman and stiff leg deads for hams usually, so just wondering if that would be lower back overload. I would think it would be ok, but would like your opinions too before I begin next Monday.

        So what do you guys think?



Hey Tone,

With your current split doing deads from the floor the day after quads would probably be problematic. And if you did do them that day it would be 3 training sessions a week with some heavy low back work which might become an issue. You are likely resigned to rows(this is where a chest supported row would be nice) and chins(have you tried out rack chins? can't remember) for your back work.

Off topic but since I've got you here I wanted to let you know if you didn't see it on your blog that I was basically locked out and couldn't see it or comment for a couple weeks so don't think I abandoned you buddy haha. Are you still going to use the rest pause sets or something else?


      Hi Scott, well I was planning on just doing these straight for a little while, and then going back to my DC/Hybrid after things get back in order. I will do them with hams I think and just rotate in the other variations of deads against leg curls following the standard from the floor deads.

        Those rack chins seemed easier, but I think I will try some with this little gem I came up with also. Thanks for reminding me of those. I still do the DC stretching after each muscle group, and will always do that in whatever routine I'm on now, as they are very effective in aiding hypertrophy as you know with whatever program might be used. I like the hybrid I came up with a little better than the original DC. Only because while strength and hypert seems to be excellent on the DC, I found myself not being as "hard" muscularly while doing it.

          Thanks for following my progress before, and I'll be posting my new progress on the profile soon, and of course you always have access to it.

        Just went through some bad shit recently as you may or may not know, and I prefer to keep that under wraps out here. I'll be around though bro, thanks for always being helpful and a positive force.



If you do them the way DC wants they will crush the lats better than chins can in my opinion. The keys are flaring the lats at the bottom forcing the deep stretch and controlling the negative. I get a lot of weird looks when I do them, but my back width(a serious weak point) has improved tremendously from them.

I know just what you mean about personal issues, and you are correct the internet isn't the place for it. I had to step away from DC(much to my dismay) for a bit to get things under control with my life but glad to hear you are on the up and up now. And your welcome, sometimes I don't think people are listening but you and a handful of other guys prove me wrong and keep me coming back to give some thoughts on here.


          You got it Bro. I do always gravitate towards people like yourself who put aside the normal ego and selfishness that dominates so much of most peoples short lives here on this amazing planet.

               best to you,


My PMs still won't let me send out, but I can recieve so would you mind sending me your email address?


         That's odd, I went through the same thing a while back and it turned out to be a glitch with the system here. Yeah, I'll pm you now bro.