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Group Cycle

Good day everyone,
So I’ve been talking with some of the guys here about running the same cycle at the same time and logging our results on the same thread, an observational study with ourselves as the subjects, if you will. This thread is to create the “experiment”, and discuss and outline our objectives and rules beforehand.

So far, World1187, Cortes, and myself are on board, but anyone else interested is welcome to participate. There’s lots of time to prepare and get your supplies, as we won’t be starting the cycle for about 7 months (sometime around Dec2008/Jan2009).

Here’s a few ideas that were talked about briefly, so we have a place to start the discussion and planning.

-8 weeks of 800mg Testosterone-Enanthate per week, 50mg Trenbolone-Acetate ED, and 100 mg Anadrol ED for the first 3 weeks.

-Or just 800mg of Testosterone-Enanthate per week.

I was thinking maybe we could have 3 groups, (1)the Test/Tren/Drol, (2)the Test only, and (3)the naturals as a “control”. That way we could look at the cycles from more angles, and the guys that don’t use AAS yet and might not post otherwise in the steroid forum, would have a chance to interact with us.

We’d be posting on the same thread, so as not to clutter up the forum.

We should decide what to log. Lifts, bodyweight, measurements, photos (if possible), videos, side-effects, once every week? How about diet and training?

What do you think guys? Any and all ideas are appreciated and welcome.


I think it’s a great idea. Basically an experiment with control and variable groups.

If you want a lot of people on board, I’d suggest keeping it simple… like the 800 mg enanthate per week.

I’d be up for that, although I will likely be at my goal by then so I wouldn’t able to participate.

Seriously though, great idea. Should get gear from same source so that you all have saame concentrations and all… dn’t have to worry about bunk gear or under-dosing

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Marvelous idea Jelly-

Sticky vote-


This sounds absolutely marvelous. I’m not entirely sure whether it will be possible for me though, seeing how there is a good chance I will be out of the country.

However, the idea is a great one and I suggest finding a suitable replacement for myself before then, just in case I can’t pull it off. Or perhaps add a fourth. My suggestions for potential same cyclers would be bushy, tone, or lillguy.

Like I said, if I can do it, I will, but it’s not looking very good right now fellas.


Count me in guys. As you may recall I’m literally days from starting my next cycle; I’ve been targeting June 1 for convenince sake. I’ll basically be on cycle June and July with stasis in August and taper in September. So without doubt or question by the end of the year I should/could be ready for another go.
I think what might be fascinating is how differently our lifestyles and training are.

JR is into MMA and stuff like that, Cortes is a competing bodybuilder, World is overall superfit and I’m a powerlifter. Others could join too. But even if the just the four of us ran the same stuff it would be truly enlightening to see how virtually the same gear effects us differently based on our training and lifestyles.
Couple quirks I’ll add in. I’m actually trying tren enanthate this go around; and if I like it I might prefer not being a pin cushion. Not that that is going to significantly alter the baseline.

The other is my preference for dbol over drol. Here again, maybe something to negotiate or maybe we just agree to disagree.
This will be interesting to see evolve. Sounds like I’m the only one who is gearing up between now and then since I know all three of the aforementioned guys finished a cycle in the last couple months.
Sounds fun and educational

Well, I for one would love to see this. Always interesting to see different points of view.

But I agree with Bushy. If you are doing this to compare benefits and what not, keeping it simple works better. I think a two compound limit would be best given the different lifting styles and goals. Either Test+Oral, Test+Tren, or even Test+Eq.

However, if you are just going to run it at the same time to have some fun, that is also a fun way to go.

Sounds pretty kickass would definitely be interested in following along as well as participating

Would cycling experience matter? Or is it for vets?

Nope; join the party

Well shit my britches!

I’ll definitely be down too as a lighter candidate as far as overall muscle and fitness are concerned though.

By then I should be hopefully fully recovered from whatever treatment(s), I will have needed for the delt.

So, unless it gets too crowded, I would love to give it a go. I had to put it on hold anyway for reasons I won’t discuss here, besides the injury.

I am flexible to the choice of compounds. I will most likely be after lean mass gains, with mainly aesthetic aspirations.


I’m in. Sounds like a good idea to me.

I’ve always been a fan of Tren A so my vote would go for that stack.

Personally, I’m leaning towards the 800mg of Test-E per week. It’d be the easiest and cheapest to acquire for most people, and pretty simple in terms of injections since you’re only injecting twice a week. Like Bushy said, K.I.S.S.

But I’m up for whatever the group comes to consensus on using. How about 2 groups, (1)the Testosterone-cycle (or whatever we decide), and (2)the natural or control group?

World, nobody can replace you man… hopefully you can squeeze in a quick cycle with us before you ship out. Until you know for sure, I think you should stay on the list as a “maybe”.

Sapasion, fantastic ideas, I hadn’t really thought about how we’re all coming from different disciplines, nice call. And the test-only cycle would be good with regards to reducing the pinning.

Game, welcome aboard, this idea is all about the participation.


[quote]Jelly Roll wrote:
the test-only cycle would be good with regards to reducing the pinning.


If you all can find tren-e it would be the same frequency

Im likley in for this as well. All the more reason to bust my ass in the gym and make sure my diet is top notch at the time.

I personally do want to incorporate deca into a cycle around that time for the first time ever.

Oh, I’ll definitely stick around as a maybe. I’m actually considering a couple two week cycles with anadrol and winstrol at some point in the near future before I go. And since they would only be two weeks a piece, that means recovery would be damned easy.

Assuming I would get to participate, this is what I’m thinking for mine (or someone else’s if I cannot join the fun):
wk 1-8: 700-900mg test e
wk 3-6: 50mg ED tren ace
wk 6-8: 300-400mg masteron
wk 1-3: 100mg anadrol ED + 50mg winstrol ED

Then, I’d go with a mast+test stasis period and taper to see how that works since basically no one except FuriousGeorge has given it a go. Hell, we should ask him to participate for sure… and don’t forget about Tone, JR… he’d be a good candidate for lower doses.


The reason I ask is because I am planning my first cycle for around that time. I’ll be coming off my first show and at my leanest(as World suggests). I’ve been paying my dues researching and I think I’m pretty close to my genetic limit, considering I’m 5’9’ 235 at 12%.

Obviously I appreciate this site, forum and all of its intensely knowledgeable posters, I think we all know who they are.

I just think I will be ready after my first show. I will continue my research.

Sorry I am late to this thread, gentlemen, I have been out of town enjoying the finer pleasures of life with my wife for a couple of days. I’m happy to say that, barring any unfortunate eventualities, Jelly and I have talked about this one a bit and I am very happy and honored to participate in his terrific concept.

My current cycle is pretty damned long and may end up being fairly suppressive, but even with that in mind, I think my coming off around the beginning of August will give me plenty of time to recover and be ready for something fun and experimental around the turn of the year.

As usual, World’s advice and sample cycle above look terrific to me, and there is little I would add to it. I have yet to try anadrol, and the rest of the cycle looks right up my alley, as I am more looking for enhancement and aesthetics, rather than size at this point.

If I have to be completely honest, based upon my current experience, I LOVE test prop and don’t see why anyone would use anything else. And it seems like you would have to shoot tren ace every day or so anyway, so why not just use prop instead?

That said, I know there are going to be a lot of you guys with your own goals in mind, and, though I am stubborn (sometimes to a fault) in my regular life, I am willing to give a few inches here if you guys are willing to give me some good reasons.

As always, great thread, JR. And, again, I am honored to participate.

Awesome guys!

Brilliant idea. I’d love to jump in as the control group.

How would you manage something like caloric intake though? Obviously different people are going to be taking in different caloric totals and different ratios. For the sake of the group would you assign designated amounts and ratios, eg 19 calories per 1 lean pound of mass and a 30/30/40 split?

Or rather, would you have people list their diets as planned, and then view the differences in results based off of their diet? It would make things a bit more complicated, but would certainly offer some cool insight as to “which diet works best.”