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Ground Speed of a Turtle

This is my first post on T-Nation and surprisingly, it has nothing to do with lifting weights, muscle gain or fat loss. I recently started taking Krav Maga and am really enjoying it. However, when we began working on fighting from a prone position, it quickly became evident that am slow as molasses moving and striking on the ground and transitioning from prone to standing positions.

While I would not consider myself â??agileâ?? in stand-up techniques, the difference in my horizontal versus vertical speed is drastically different. So to you guys who know what the hell you are doing, what are some drills I can incorporate outside of class to help improve my overall â??ground speed?â??

shrimping, bridges of all sorts, tumbling and defensive recovery to the feet are all i can think of, though i dont know what the fuck fighting from prone is in krav…

seems pretty weird actually…at least what i am picturing

maybe find a way to work on wrestling and bjj? working for dominant position to strike from?

nothing beats practice with a partner

apparently this guy is a skilled krav practitioner. lightning fast movement on the ground…

These should get you started:

[quote]Sentoguy wrote:
These should get you started:

That is perfect. Thank you!

Thanks Sento! There were a couple ground drills in there that I’ve never done and I’m going to start using them from now on.

This video reinforced the notion that ground drills like this are essentially a kinda Kata/Kwen for BJJ. All of them translate directly into applied technique.

All 7:00 minutes of rolling is a warm up exercise in itself, and a great way to connect the dots between having core strength and combat coordination.

I was also astounded at how clean his training mat is.

You’re welcome guys.

Yeah Pidgeon, ground mobility drills like the one in the video are essentially like shadowboxing is to boxing/Muay Thai (which was originally what kata/forms/kwen was for TMA’s). Sometimes you do specific sequences of movements, and other times you more so freestyle with them to mimic specific skills that you want to work on, or movement patterns which you feel you need more work on.

And yeah, definitely clean mat.