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Ground Oats

What’s up guys? I’ve been thinking about adding ground oats to my protein (for homemade MRP) for awhile now. Recently I came across a post on another board in which TC is quoted as stating that the newer Grow formula uses malto as opposed to pulverized oats b/c pulverized oats actually raise blood-glucose levels even higher than malto b/c of all of the processing, which makes perfect since. Would this hold true for oatmeal ground with a coffee grinder (is it any different)? Am I going to benefit from adding ground oatmeal to my shakes, or am I wasting my time?

I always make my own MRP’s by adding whole, raw, uncooked old fashioned oats to my protein shakes…makes them chewy and very satisfying. I also grind my own flax meal and add that as well.

The finer you grind a grain, the higher the GI.