Ground Coffee In Shakes?

After reading a couple of TC’s articles on coffee, it’s time to give it a try. However I really don’t like coffee and to me it’s just something else to prepare and fit in w/ everything else I have to take. I was wondering, could I just put a pinch of grounds in my shakes and still get the benefits that way? Would a pinch be enough or too much?

I doubt a pinch would do too much, and it would make your food taste a bit bitter. Maybe try putting a pinch of salt with your cup of coffee and some cinnamon (TC loves cinnamon for it’s insulin-enhancing properties). Cinnamon tastes great and salt is the best tool to cut bitterness in food

I have a huge plunger (12 cups).

A bunch of tablespoons of coffee into the plunger
Fill the plunger with cold water
Throw it into the fridge for 2-3 days
Pour the coffee into a container - coffee for days.

That is like 30 seconds of effort for 3-6 days of coffee.

You may also enjoy it this way (you don’t heat it - straight from the fridge. If you have it with milk, then cold milk)

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Plunger idea sounds good to me. Personally, I love coffee so it’s no issue.

I think grounds in a shake would be exceptionally unpleasant.

A cup of actual coffee in a chocolate protein shake is very good though.


Thanks everyone!
I found this on LIVESTRONG: … ‘unlike the other bean and seed protein sources, coffee contains caffeine. Each 28-bean serving of chocolate-covered coffee beans contain 336 mg of caffeine – several times the 95 mg of caffeine in a cup of brewed coffee’… So if you can eat em, you can blend em. I’m gonna start experimenting with 5 gms of cocoa and a few beans in my shake for 3 weeks at a time and see what happens.
I’d like to know what TC and Bill Roberts think about this.