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Ground Beef

Two questions. Is it relatively safe to eat ground beef rare? Also, does eating it rare have any benefits over eating it well done. I recently read that Paul Anderson used to eat raw beef. I really prefer eating high quality ground beef over any cut of steak. thanks for any responce.

I wouldn’t eat ground beef rare - you’re looking at risk of E.coli.

I believe that cuts (as opposed to ground) of beef are relatively safe to eat rare, however.

Don’t even think about eating red meat raw! The amount of e-coli in beef is unbeleivable. Maybe you could take the chance with organic beef, but ground beef can have alot of stuff in it besides just meat. Supposedly the high amounts of e-coli are due to cows now being fed their own feces and unused parts because it recovers lost protein. YOU DO NOT want to get e-coli! Humans have been eating meat cooked as long as we’ve had fire. The raw beef thing just sounds like a gimick, but then again I don’t know everything… just my two cents.

First, DON’T eat raw ground beef. I worked in a meat dept. in a grocery store, and while everything HAS to be done according to health code standards, there is a lot of meat and some fat going through the grinder. It only takes 1 piece of tainted beef to screw up a batch of ground beef. So, If you are serious about it, make sure that you cook the beef to where the core of the hamburger is at LEAST 135 degrees farenheit. I doubt that rare as opposed to cooked has any effect upon protein and amino integrity. As long as you don’t turn it into a piece of charcoal, it should be ok. I assume that you are eating ground sirloin? It is in the 90-97% fat free range, and would be better cooked in a skillet, or electric frying pan. That way you can control the temp, and how well it is cooked. If you are grilling, make sure that you use ground chuck or sirloin, between 85-90% fat free. The fat will help the burger stick together. Leave that 80% lean crap sit at the butcher to rot. Hope this helps, -The Starkdog.

You are taking a risk everytime you eat rare ground beef, but people are still doing it. If you really want to eat it rare make sure that it is high quality, or even better yet invest in a grinder and gring your own.

Teh only kind of beef that I would eat rare is Organic beef!! Actually thats the only kind I buy…

Dear god. You seem to have no idea of what you’re talking about. You NEVER eat ground beef rare! I don’t care if it’s organically grown (whatever that is supposed to mean, cows aren’t plants) or not. The reason you have to cook hamburger all the way through is very simple. Because it’s ground up, any number of dangerous beasties can get ‘mixed up’ inside it, which is why you have to cook it all the way through to get them killed. The reason you can cook steak rare is because it is not ground up. Therefore, any contamination it might recieve would just be on the outside exposed layer of the meat. Then by grilling it, you sear that outside layer and kill the bacteria.

what I meant was medium rare not raw meat sorry if I didnot clarify that.

People order rare hamburgers at our retsaurant all the time, one gut comes in and orders them bleu( briefly seared on both sides), I like mine medium rare. Almost all the E. coli outbreaks hae ocurred at fast food chains that use low grade beef. For these chains the answer to the problem is to cook the hell out of the beef instead of making the meatpackers cleanup their business. If you want to eat a rare burger, buck up buy good meat, otherwise cook it completely. Also an internal temp of 135 degrees is rare, for well done you need to go to 150-165.

or just buy your own cuts and grind it yourself!!

Yeah, steak tartar (or however it is spelled) is a delicacy supposedly.

No need to freak out about it though. When people go for raw ground beef they usually have a premium cut of steak ground up for the purpose.

I’d expect it to be refrigerated until served so that it basically has the bacterial profile of the original steak before it was ground up.

There might also be some additional ingredients mixed in which could have an antimicrobial effect. I’m not sure, I’ve never eaten it and have no desire to either.

I once read somewhere that you can soak rare meat in peroxide before eating it, but I have no idea if that is safe. I saw it on a raw caveman diet website. I never tried it though, and I don’t know if it is safe.

I’ve known of 2 people that I’ve come in contact with (I work in an allied health field and both were healthy young men) in the past 5 years to die of food poisoning from eating raw or undercooked ground beef. There is simply too much surface area for bacteria to grow on to be safe for human consumption. So, at least for myself and anyone who wants to know my opinion, never never eat raw ground beef. You’re taking your own life in to your own hands.