Ground Beef

Just wondering what some of you guys do with your ground beef…(besides burgers).

it’s cheap and perfect for bulking. i’ve heard a lot of people talk about adding chili or taco seasoning, anything else?

post some ideas that you guys do with your ground beef.

Just use it to make chili, meat sauce for pasta, or cook it and add salsa. Burgers are still good just uses these recipes

Ground Beef Fritata, BBQ sauce, hot sauce, salsa, nothing, soy sauce…really anything. You are just limited by your imagination/fridge contents.

I get a few lbs of ground beef, brown it, then add a can of black beans and a can of pinto beans, some brow rice, and a few packages of taco seasoning.

It’s mexican mush, but it’s excellent for bulking. I keep it in a tupperware in my fridge, then just heat up a bowl and eat that with a side of cheese topped in tapatio sauce. Excellent.

I take two cans of black beans, heat in pan and crush with a potatoe masher, add cumin, red pepper,garlic, and a little olive oil to make refried beans. Brown and break up the beef. Mix the two together and put it in a low carb wrap with pico de gallo. Healthy Burritos!

Precision Nutrition has a ton of ground beef recipes. It’s great, because grass fed doesn’t cost obscene amounts of money in ground form.

I try to have about 1/4 of my meals per week to be based around grass fed ground beef.

1lb ground beef cooked

rip up two corn tortillas and mix with meat.

Add salt and pepper. Add 2 TBS of sour cream and mix. Top with cabbage and salsa.

It is a big mexican mush but delicious.

brown the beef 1 lbs with onions
sprinkle 1 tbls flour over it and stir (i use ground oatmeal instead)

mix together 1/2 cup hot water, 2 beef oxo packets, 1 tbls ketchup salt+pepper
add to the beef
simmer until the gravy has reduced a little.

serve with rice and carrots.

For speed I use a large pack of beef and adjust, I also grate carrots into mine at the gravy stage and mix the cooked rice right in. I then make a pile of lunches from it.

I like to brown down a lb of ground beef, then stir in a can of tomato sauce. Make a box of mac and cheese, then mix it all together. A quick, tasty, protein / carb packed meal.

Chili, usually 7 quarts at a time. 2.5 minutes in the microwave and I have a high protein meal.

You can seriously do anything with ground beef, no matter if your cutting or bulking.

Cook it up and put it over salads, make chili, any kind of Mexican food (Mexican food is just a mix of 7 ingredients put together in different ways), meat sauce or meatballs for pasta, meatloaf, shepherds pie, cook it up and mix it with rice or quinoa.

Seriously just get in the kitchen and get creative.

One of my favorite bulking meals is white rice, shredded cheddar cheese, ground beef, and any spices or hot sauce. Cook and drain your rice while you brown your beef, then mix in the beef and cheese and season with what ever you want and chow down. Tastes good, tons of calories and protein, and it is really really simple to make… just don’t try to serve it to any girl you may be dating to show of your cooking skills lol, its more bachelor chow than any thing.

This won’t help anyone outside of MD or VA, but go to Crisp 'n Juicy and get the special hot sauce. Mix it to taste with ground beef, pinto beans, rice, corn/chopped mixed veggies. It is off the hook.