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Ground Beef on T-Dawg 2.0?

I am thinking about starting this diet tommorow.

About beef. I am not a steak eater, but I do like ground beef. Is there a particular type (fat wise) that I should get? I can go to a bulk-food store and pick up a lot of ground beef for cheap but I know it isn’t the “lean” or “extra-lean” variety.

What should I look for?

Look for buffalo meat if you can get it. Otherwise 93-96 percent lean ground beef (preferably grass-fed) is ideal.

You might check around for ground ostrich meat as well. I got ahold of some of this right after Christmas and have been hooked since! Very lean and quality protein.

I can get buffalo up here but it is so darn expensive! I am a poor college student at the moment. Just looking for what would be the most economical.


I can get buffalo up here but it is so darn expensive! I am a poor college student at the moment. Just looking for what would be the most economical.


Go with ground sirloin. It is no less than 96% fat free. It usually gives you about 43 grams of protein in an 8 ounce serving. I think it is about $2.00/pound. Definitely a staple of any t-man’s diet. I whip up about 6 pounds of chili every Sunday night using it.

I’ve been on T-Dawg 2 for three weeks. If you read it, Chris and TC say to not “sweat the ‘bad’ fats in red meat and eggs”.

Just don’t eat it too often and try to get the majority of your fats from sources like fish and flax oil, mixed nuts, natural peanut butter, etc.

Overall, don’t worry about it. I’ve been dropping fat pounds like crazy (can’t wait to slip on that sweet leather jacket!) and I’m getting ready to barbeque a nice double burger of who-gives-a-shit-how-much-fat ground beef with about 2 1/2 oz. of cheddar cheese.

But I’m not gonna do it every day, either…


Ground Sirloin? OK, I just went and bought some Ground Beef @ $3.00.

I’ll remember Sirloin next time.


P.S., amnesiac.

I highly recommend T-Dawg 2.

My biggest problem has come with trying to eat enough carbs on my carb-up, or “cheat” day. I’m serious. I’m just not that hungry.

Of course now that I say that, I’ll probably melt down, go ballistic, and eat myself into the infamous insulin-induced coma!

Seriously, if you want to drop fat at a surprising clip, and gain muscle mass (oh,oh, wrong thread here!), then give it a shot.

For the price you have to pay for ground sirloin or extra-lean ground beef, you’re better off getting top round or eye of the round. The latter two cuts of meat not only cook and taste better, but they’re a higher quality cut. With ground beef, you never really know what you’re getting.

If money is an issue, I’d go with simple 80/20 or even 85/15 beef and just wash it out while cooking under hot water. It’s a method that’s been tested and shown to be effective at removing up to 10% of fat, with 85/15 that makes it 95%!!!

Da Boxer

Thanks for all the replies guys!

I must admit, I went a little overboard tonight. Pizza, Fries, etc…but hey, this was my last night of eating whatever!

I’m really looking forward to getting disciplined on the diet. Sounds interesting, and doesn’t sound too dificult to adhere too. I especially like the fact that I can eat beef again without feeling too guilty about it. For the past year I have been eating chicken and tuna, chicken and tuna, chicken and tuna. I’ve made a lot of really nice gains, but now it’s time to get cut. I’m not a big guy, but I figure if I can get rid of my gut then I can go into a heavy bulking mode and gain some serious mass!

Aight, I’m out. Thanks again!

I second eye of round. Go somewhere like Sam’s and ask about case prices…you can get some great deals if you look around.

I’m not sure what you pay for buffalo meat, but I got mine for $1.90/lb. I’m sure this varies considerably depending on where you live, though.

I think the “Eye’s” have it here.

There is no question that eye of round cuts are a much higher grade/quality of beef than ground.

You just don’t know what’s in that mangled up bulk supply of ground beef. Too many possibilities that I don’t even want to have to think about. Ughhh!

I live in Alaska. I’ll check out round at costco, and will look at sirloin and buffalo. I THOUGHT it was expensive, but sometimes the local Fred Meyer’s has sales on it.