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Ground Beef as Main Protein Source: Bad?

All those studies have shortcomings but this statement is plain wrong.

It’s your opinion not backed by any meaningful evidence, so its all good. We agree to disagree. Have a nice day!

They say for kidney, urea, colon and such… tbh i think people who lift intense have different needs than couch people but all this talk is starting to worry me… I dont drink or smoke or do drugs and i think those things are waaaaaaaaay worse but u know, lets blame red meat instead😂

Who are “they”?

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I just posted 5 recent studies and there are countless more. If you want to ignore them, that’s fine but at least be honest with yourself lol

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Your studies are about processed meat one more time and not raw meat. Seems you are either delusional or can’t read what I wrote in the previous reply since I stated that already. Harward done a large study eating red meat daily as well and it didn’t link to any disease when processed meat did. Get your facts straight next time or change your handle to weakmansgoals lol

Here’s the thing with beef, it’s just like the old debate about whether or not eggs were good or bad. Based on different factors eggs were deemed good or evil such as cholesterol. We now know dietary cholesterol plays an extremely small role in someone’s cholesterol level and thus their overall health.

Beef is being determined to be evil in certain groups based on saturated fat content. Others are linking it to colon cancer but that’s from mostly processed beef products. Tnation had an article a couple of years ago about the makeup of fatty acids of meats and other foods that seemed to point to a specific fatty acid being a huge culprit. Linoleic acid. Here’s the link.

The problem is that we don’t know enough and doctors and researchers are putting out articles with bias or ignorance because they don’t know the full mechanisms behind what is happening. We may soon find the there is more than just correlation between linoleic acid and declining health outcomes it’ll be enough evidence to say it’s a cause. I’ve been looking into the research on it and it’s damning but there’s just still not enough done to make the statement.

This is why it’s ignorant for anyone to make those claims and blanket statements. No one actually knows for sure yet.


It hasn’t killed Wendler yet :thinking:

Now heres a great post and I completely agree that no one knows for sure. I believe that eating in moderation it won’t kill you so having unprocessed beef few times per week is all good IMO. Having it daily and in larger amounts(what is larger though?) its a different story and thus person eating can be in caloric deficit or at maintenance or in a caloric surplus which will also have an effect IMO. Just a lot of variables and unknowns to handle. Extremities kill IMO, but even though I’m eating a balanced diet of carbs, protein and fats, I’m also very interested how do people who eat beef and only beef are doing these days. Like the carnivore “cult” for example. Read that some folks do it for 20yrs and cured many of illnesses they had, but then again, a few is not enough to make judgement. But I’m always curious, always researching and always open to learn new things.

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I don’t see how this can be a problem, especially if you have calories under control and the diets good overall.

I’ve never heard of anyone getting 200 grams of protein from egg whites. That’s eight cups of egg whites in a day.

your gonna die anyway’s your not immortal ! live your fucking life and enjoy what you want to eat

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Lots of dodgy food studies demonised
Red meat

Mostly biased with an agenda.

Lightly cooked grass fed meat is good for you.

Food studies were attacking my meatloaf recipe?


Unprocessed red meat, by comparison, increases cancer risk only at amounts greater than 100 grams a day, and the evidence for that link is limited, Dr. Brockton said, adding that the institute advises people to “limit” red meat but “avoid” processed meat.

I limit my beef to 4 filet mignons a week but it is my pocket book doing the limiting not any worry for saturated fat.

What type of fat is in beef?

Lean meat is generally about 5–10% fat (4). Beef is mainly composed of saturated and monounsaturated fat , present in approximately equal amounts. The major fatty acids are stearic acid, oleic acid, and palmitic acid (3).Apr 4, 2019

My great grandmother who did the same lived to 100 as well.

I ate only ground beef and peanuit butter for like…3 years. Granted I was 18 and struggling LOL. But yeah, it can work.

These days, I highly recommending following some of the above recommendations and purchasing a meat grinder and getting some decent cuts of beef.


It’s hilarious to me that people are always so worried about how bad meat is for you, but are not worried that they are not eating enough vegetables and fruit lol.

There are WAY more things out there that will kill you before some red meat.


I gotchu bruh.




You know what’s funny is that I haven’t smoked in the past 6 months. I’ve only eaten the edibles. I feel like I get all the benefits without the harm to my lungs. Been a noticeably difference for my lungs for sure!

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Combustion is whack.

Guarantee its all that plant matter jacking your lungs up.