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Grosser Than Anything You've Done





I can't quite find the words to express how wrong that was.



hahaha as sick and fuckin nasty as that is... i cant quit laughin


Hey, that was Zeb!


Fuckin savage Taffs!Disgusting, but almost makes me proud to be British!


So that's what's known as British humor. I 'm impressed. I noticed that he couldn't keep from throwing it up again though.


Taffs being Welshmen btw


Oh Christ - I'm in the office and I'm just a tad queasy after that.

Having said that, it reminds of a story. A friend of mine was in the RAF and they used to have do a low-level flight with newbies over choppy seas as part of the training. So when the newbie was feeling a little blah, one of the others would take a huge mouthful of cold vegetable soup from a can, "throw up" into a seasickness bag and then proceed to eat it. Never failed to bring up the best in everyone around.


Damn!! That was foul!!


Ok...I think NOW I have seen it all...


When I was about 15, my buddy Steve and I were over at his girlfriends house drinkin' some 40's.Steve dropped 2 micro-dots [a type of acid]and we kept on drinkin. About 20min later Steve puked right into his 40 bottle, looked at me as I'm mothing the words "NNNOOOOOO" AND CHUGGED WHAT HE JUST PUKED UP.I'm sitting there in disbelief as he looks at me and says "That shits gonna fuck me up."

Probably still the grossest thing I've ever seen.
Awesome clip by the way.


haha, grossest thing i ever did was lick the hackie sack that fell in the toilet i was peeing in.




we were drunk, playing hackie, and after it plopped in the toilet everybody else said that they wouldn't play anymore. well, i still wanted to play so i asked them if they'd keep playing if i licked it. they said yes, so i did.


It's different for everybody, but at some point stuff like that just makes sense.


I don't know why I understand this, but I do.

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