GROSS Cottage Cheese ingredients

Well I just bought some Knudsen’s NonFat Cottage Cheese (it was the only brand available besides the generic brand), and I have to say I’m dissappointed in the ingredients (I forgot to check them at the store): Nonfat Milk, Whey, food starch, salt, maltodextrin, cream, sodium phosphate, artificial color, mono and diglycerides, guar gum, acetic acid, potassium sorbate, as a PRESERVATIVE, xanthan gum, vitamin A, annoto. Whatever happened to just MILK?!! Anybody got any tips on where and how to find some natural cottage cheese? I wonder if the cottage cheese that still has fat has all of these preservatives in them?

I forgot to mention that I live in Los Angeles, so I have access to Trader Joe’s and also Whole Foods Market. Does anyone shop at Whole Foods Market? Is it incredibly expensive there? I noticed after searching on the Net that there are a few brands out there that are “Natural Cottage Cheese” with none of the preservatives and gums in them, one brand called Friendship and another brand called Longley Farms. Shame on Ralph’s for not offering a better selection!

Yo. Get Alta Dena lowfat (NOT nonfat) cottage cheese at Whole Foods or Gelson’s (not all of which carry it). It’ll be like $2.39 for a 16 oz. tub at Whole Foods and $2.89 at Gelson’s if I remember correctly. Much shorter ingredient list, and tastes WAAAAAAY better too.

Thanks Zev, I really appreciate it, I will look for that at Whole Foods Market. The price is good too because the Knudsen’s was $2 for the same size. (This was after the “club” discount, so regular price was the same).

find a brand of “dry curd” cottage cheese. Mine has 180 cals, 40g protein, 1g fat in my nightly serving (8 0z i think). Its kinda bitter, but add some cinnamon and a dash of splenda and its good. And the protein quality is great.

FormerlyJohn, Thanks for the info, that will also work for me because I throw cottege cheese into smoothies now. Also, that cottage cheese sounds like it’s more potent than normal cottage cheese, if it has 40g of protein per container!

yes its very potent. I think most of the carbs in the normal stuff are in the wet part, so w/ dry curd its pure casein protein. Very versitile stuff. Its only drawback its price…its almost 3 buck a lb.