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Groove Briefs & Squat Suits


Hi everyone,

Looking for some advice on Groove Briefs and Squat suits. I'm ready to take the plunge and give em a try. Which ones are best? Should I use the briefs to workout out in all the time? I've heard their could be some sizing issues? Any and all advice, opinions and experiences are welcome.



The best bet may be to check out EliteFTS.com. I'm sure you can find some info in the F.A.Q. section.


The absolute best I have found are Inzer Predator briefs and Inzer leviathan canvas suit. Probably way too much for you right now. You could probably get an inzer two ply hardcore. Wear it with the straps down for your speed work. I don't wear my briefs and suits all the time. I only put on my suit when I am about 6 weeks out from a meet to get work in it.


Inzer Predator Briefs are top of the line. So are karin's Denim briefs, different, but both great.

As a longtime Inzerite, but a single ply guy for the most part, I do not think the single ply hardcore matches the Titan Centurion or the Metal IPF squatter. The single hardcore is springy but has little stopping at the bottom power, where the Titan and metal are stiff in the hole.



Holy Cow, the Leviathan is a pricy mofo. What about he Z suit or the Champion suit? Do you think 50 lbs is too much to expect to see? Also, How much will the groove briefs give me as opposed to the briefs + suit? Your help is immensely appreciated. Thank You.


Thanks Jack, I need to stick to the single ply since my federation USAPL requires it. I also lift a little AAU. I'm anxious to try it out. I've read alot of good things about the karin's denim, but again, not allowed in USAPL.


If you are lifting in the USAPL, you can't use briefs at all...The IPF approved list is here:

For the USAPL:

I got next to nothing out of a Champion, but have seen a gent get about 40 pounds out of a crazy-tight one...I wasn't particularly impressed by either the Champions or the Z-suits, even considering the low price.

I've never had a Hardcore, so I can't say much about them but that they are fairly expensive ($135).

Elite has the Older Metal IPF-Squatters on sale right now for $90, so price-wise they are on par with the Titan ($85), and I would recommend one of those. The Metal has more spring, the Titan has more stop. Based on that I prefer the Titan but you may like it the other way around.


If you are single ply then I would go with the Metal IPF Viking squatter. It's a high quality material and the groove isn't very hard to learn.


Frantz briefs
Titan or Metal suits


I ordered a metal v-type on sale from elitefts recently. The sizing charts at elitefts and gometal differ. It'll be here in about a week so I'll tell you how it feels if I get a good fit(and also what chart to use).


The main thing to remeber when dealing with equipment is to try and train with someone who has experince with it. Also start with single ply first, don't get to advance too soon. Titan dual quad is good, some of the best usapl lifters like Gillingham and Tylukie use that one. Just take you time and don't get one too small, you will never hit depth.