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Groove Briefs & Erector Shirts for Oly?


Has anyone here used groove briefs or erector shirts for oly lifting? I found them on Inzer’s site but to be honest never really heard of them before. Are they super stiff, too stiff for the lifts? or could they add a bit of support?


They’ll support a more bent over power type o squatting, I wouldnt bother getting them.

Neither of those things would be helpful as Olympic lifting requires much more flexibility and quickness during the actual movement than PLing. Constrict too much, won’t allow you the proper position, and would fuck your timing up incredibly bad. Super bad.

ok, so they are still pretty stiff? How much do they support? Are they allowed in RAW powerlifting comps? Allowed in Oly comps?

[quote]Bingbeast wrote:
Allowed in Oly comps?
if they are actual briefs, no.